The 10 best-selling phones in the world 2022 Apple’s domination of the scene

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It was a rosy 2021 for Apple, which ended with happy news. Counterpoint Corporation published a list The 10 best-selling phones last year, with the American company’s phones occupying seven places out of ten. This is called domination. While Samsung has one phone, and Xiaomi has two.

These 10 phones represented 19% of total global smartphone sales in 2021, compared to 16% in 2020.

Details of the 10 best selling phones in 2021

Apple phones dominated the top five smartphones. The first was the iPhone 12, which captured 2.9% of the market share. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max took second place with a market share of 2.2%, while the new iPhone 13 managed to capture 2.1%. … Fourthly, the Phone 12 Pro came in at 2.1%, while the older iPhone 11 got 2.0%.

Samsung ranked sixth in the list with the Galaxy A12, which has an economical price, and Xiaomi came with the Redmi 9A and Redmi 9 phones.

The report says that the high demand for new smartphones supporting 5G networks led to the acceleration of iPhone 12 sales, and Apple was able to sell better than the latest, higher-priced iPhone 13 series.

There is something to take into account, that the timing of the sale of the iPhone comes in the last quarter of the year, and this is what the company benefits from to focus more sales in one than the rest of the companies.

Also, the decline in the number of sales of other companies due to the US sanctions benefited other companies, and Apple was the biggest winner.

But we must pay attention to an important reason, putting the company in this strong position, that it dealt with the least damage from the crisis of manufacturing processor chips, a crisis that ravages the world and harmed technology companies, while Apple, despite the suffering, maintained appropriate delivery times in the most important markets, although it did so at the expense of other markets. Others had to wait.

Did you buy one of the top 10 selling phones in 2021?

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