Android 13 – Android 13 will make the experience of using the computer more wonderful with these new features!

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Google is starting to take an interest in Android on big screen devices after many years of neglect. The latest Android 12L update (also known as Android 12.1) added an updated taskbar and layouts for tablets and foldable devices, and now Android 13 builds on that with new interface tweaks specifically for Android running on desktop and laptop computers.

Features of Android 13 on PC

Android is not very popular on computers, but that doesn’t stop Google from adding some improvements to the PC experience on Android 13. The app’s taskbar, which was added in Android 12L on the buttons on the right side to open the notification panel and quick settings.

Android 13 will introduce a new feature that is useful for the battery

The new PC design is closer to that of Android 3.0 Honeycomb and some 4.x versions, with quick settings and notifications along the bottom of the screen. However, those earlier versions of Android did not display all of your open apps on the taskbar.

Also, Android 13 on PCs still has a status bar at the top of the screen, where quick settings and notifications can also be accessed.

Android 13 - Android 13 will make the experience of using the computer more wonderful with these new features!

Apparently, the second developer preview of Android 13 also opens all apps in free multi-window mode by default, rather than extending them to cover the entire screen.

Android 13 will come with a feature found in iPhone phones

Multi-window support has been in Android since Nougat 7.0, but opening apps in multi-window mode still requires diving into developer options or setting the home screen launcher for third-party apps like the taskbar.

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Certainly, the new changes will definitely be useful for people who use Android on their PC. Samsung recently launched the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which could certainly benefit from PC design changes, although Samsung’s own DeX interface might do the same.

Android 13 developer version 2 is now available with all the features

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