Weekly poll: will you buy into the computer-grade performance of the new iPad Pros?

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Has the era of the PC finally arrived? Apple has been promising it since the original iPad was launched, but its slate (while quite popular) never replaced PCs. The new iPad Pro models unveiled on Tuesday are the first we can believe is a credible threat.

This is because they are in a way PCs – iPad Pro 11 (2021) and 12.9 (2021) are powered by the same Apple M1 chipset as the latest MacBooks and the new iMac (also announced this week). These tablets do not differ significantly from the fanless MacBook Air, you can even configure them with up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage.

The Thunderbolt gate will also be a big deal. It offers speeds of up to 40 Gbps, which is enough to run a 6K external monitor and still have bandwidth left to connect to external storage. This opens up the possibility of connecting external devices via PCIe, at least we can see some very interesting docks for the new iPad pros.

A dock can blur the line between the iPad Pro and a desktop computer

The new slate also has optional 5G connectivity (including mmWave in the US for speeds up to 4 Gbps). These can be the road warriors’ dream computer. The Center Stage feature of the ultra-wide 12 MP front camera makes them ideal for ideal zoom machines.

The Liquid Retina XDR screen, aka the first mini-LED panel on a tablet, will be great for outdoor use. It has a full screen brightness of 1,000 nits, and with 2,500 local dimming zones, it also has great contrast.

It is only available on iPad Pro 12.9 (2021). The 11 ”model gets the same old Liquid Retina display with 600 nit brightness. Both offer 120 Hz refresh rate as well as HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

With these two you can edit videos in LumaFusion, The M1 chip is fast enough to handle high-resolution footage. You can draw with the pencil and type with the Magic Keyboard (which turns iPad professionals into small laptops).

Accessories can extend the features of the iPad Pro
Accessories can extend the features of the iPad Pro

Accessories can extend the features of the iPad Pro

Apple has also pushed iPadOS and macOS closer together. You still can’t run Mac apps on iPad, but you can run iPad apps on a Mac. This encourages developers to make apps for iPad and kill two birds in one fell swoop.

We usually offer alternative devices before we ask you to vote. But there is none. Android tablets have at best a Snapdragon 865 chipset that does not match. The M1 competes with Intel and AMD portable chips, which you won’t find in tablets that are 5.9 / 6.4 mm thick.

Weekly poll: do you want to buy into the computer-like performance of the new iPad pros?

However, we will talk about pricing. The iPad Pro 11 (2021) starts at $ 800, giving you 8GB of RAM and only 128GB of storage. If you want the 12.9 ”mini-LED display, prices start at $ 1,100. Note that only versions 1TB and 2TB have 16 GB of RAM. Below is a more detailed overview.

iPad Pro 12.9 iPad Pro 11
128 GB $ 1,100.00 £ 1,000 € 1,200 100,000 kr $ 800.00 750 £ € 870 72,000 kr
256 GB $ 1,200.00 1,100 £ € 1,310 109,000 kr $ 900.00 £ 850 990 € 81,000 kr
512 GB $ 1,400.00 £ 1,300 € 1,530 127,000 kr $ 1,100.00 £ 1,050 € 1,210 99,000 kr
1 TB $ 1,800.00 £ 1,650 € 1,970 163,000 kr $ 1,500.00 £ 1,400 € 1,650 135,000 kr
2 TB $ 2,200.00 £ 2,000 € 2,410 199,000 kr $ 1,900.00 1,750 £ € 2,090 171,000 kr
+ 5G + $ 200.00 + £ 150 + € 170 + £ 14,000 + $ 200.00 + £ 150 + € 170 + £ 14,000

By comparison, a 13 ”MacBook Air (8/256 GB) starts at $ 1,000. The 13 ”MacBook Pro and the new iMac start at $ 1,300 (again, 8/256 GB). Mac mini is the cheapest way to get an M1 from $ 700 (but you have to provide your own screen). And remember that the cheapest iMacs, Airs and minis come with the cut GPU (7 cores versus 8 cores).

So what should it be?

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