Analysts: iPhone 12 series makes up 61% of Apple sales in the US, iPhone 11 still on top individually

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The four iPhone 12 models accounted for 61% of total U.S. sales in the three months ending in March, according to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

The quartet is led by Vanilla iPhone 12, as is the norm for Apple. The iPhone 11 dominated in March last year and accounted for a third of sales (it was as a bestseller even before that). Its predecessor, the iPhone XR, was also once king of the hill. But we return to 11.

By moving on to the other members of the 12 series, the 12 Pro Max comes in second place, then it’s 12 Pro and finally the unpopular 12 mini. The small iPhone has struggled to find an audience, and it has the smallest market share of any of the current models.

Less than even the iPhone SE (2020), whose share also fell since December. It is interesting to note that the iPhone XR, which costs about the same as the SE but has a larger screen and battery actually regained lost market share in the last quarter.

But the iPhone 11 bounced back in an even more impressive way. After the initial rush of sales in the 12 series, the phone confirmed its popularity and alone accounts for 24% of iPhone sales in the January-March period.

As sales shifted away from the hot, new iPhone 12 models to the cheaper older models, the average selling price dropped. In the United States, it was $ 873 at the end of December and was $ 847 at the end of March.


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