Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is finally reaching Europe on May 11

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Xiaomi went all-in with the Mi 11 Ultra this year, producing what is the first real mainstream flagship smartphone ever released internationally (when last year’s Mi 10 Ultra was a single affair in China).

The company unveiled the Mi 11 Ultra’s European Eye, which watered € 1,199 at an event in late March, but it remained the mother on a release date for the continent.

Now thanks to Xiaomi’s official Dutch Facebook page, we know that the Mi 11 Ultra is finally expected to be available on May 11th. Get it? Able to 11.

This is true at least for the Dutch market, and although the other European countries do not end up getting the Mi 11 Ultra the same day, the launch elsewhere may not be far behind. So it seems like it’s time to start saving and doing it fast.

In the meantime, while you wait, why not take a look at our in-depth review of the phone?

Thanks for the tip, Victor Droogh!


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