Samsung trademarks “Z Slide” smartphone name with European IP Office

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Recently, we learned that Samsung branded the name “Z Roll”, which suggested that the company was working towards a device with an expandable screen. Samsung has recently branded the name “Z Slide” with the European Intellectual Property Office, indicating yet another entry in Samsung’s “Z” series of devices. The mark is listed under class 9, which indicates a smartphone, mobile, telecommunication device or tablet computer.

It is not told what ‘Z Slide’ would look like. LetsGoDigital provided the following mockup is reproduced and speculate that the Z Slide may be a smartphone with a expandable screen that grows vertically, meanwhile the Z Roll expands horizontally to transform into a larger tablet-sized screen. You can also think of it as a scrollable version of a Z Flip, while the previously reported “Z Roll” is a scrollable version of Z Fold “.

Mockup rendering of “Galaxy Z Slide” by LetsGoDigital

Earlier this week, Samsung Display showed some of the screens it worked on, including the S-foldable device, whose screen is divided into three sections and folds at two points. It is not assumed that this device will be part of Samsung’s Galaxy Z series devices per LetsGoDigital. This device is reported to be marketed as Galaxy Z Fold S.

Samsung S-foldable screen in unfolded and folded mode
Samsung S-foldable screen in unfolded and folded mode

Samsung S-foldable screen in unfolded and folded mode

In August, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip2 (or Flip3), but these other expandable display devices are not expected to hit the market until 2022.


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