Our iPhone SE (2022) video review is now live

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The newest cheapest iPhone is the iPhone SE (2022), and a lot of people seem to be interested in this one despite its seemingly lackluster sales numbers. We’re assuming that’s because it’s the most affordable way to get into the iOS ecosystem if you do not want to buy refurbished or used devices. But the iPhone SE (2022) also looks old and dated, even though it has the highest performing mobile SoC available.

So it’s kind of a mixed bag by definition, by default, just by looking at it and its specs. And that made us very intrigued, so we naturally decided to review it in-depth and see for ourselves what’s what. You should definitely read our full review, but if for now you only have about six minutes to spare and no more, why not watch our video review embedded below? It’s fresh out of the oven, and it’s concise without missing any of the essential details about the phone.

You’ll definitely find out all of the main pluses and minuses that this device brings to the table in all of its affordable (for Apple’s standards, at least) glory. We take you through its build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and of course – camera image quality. So hang back, hit Play, and enjoy the ride!

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