The new Xiaomi 210W charger breaks all records at an amazing rate!

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It’s good news for fast charging fans, and it’s that Xiaomi has a new and very impressive record, as the new Xiaomi charger will be the most powerful and fastest in the world when it hits the market.

iQOO, a Chinese manufacturer of phones and technology products, has been promising 200W fast charging, and it holds the record for the time being only, with Xiaomi aiming to surpass it now with a power of 210W!

The new Xiaomi charger test achieves an almost impossible number!

conducted Xiaomi a number of tests With the Xiaomi 11 Ultra using this charging speed, the phone went from 0 to 100% charge in just about 8 minutes!! A number that can be considered miraculous for the new Xiaomi charger compared to other chargers and phones.

A quick charge that can save 210 watts of electricity just got certified by Xiaomi, and the business has probably already broken the 8-minute barrier to be 7 minutes, a crazy number.

The new Xiaomi 210W charger breaks all records at an amazing rate!

Since the new Xiaomi charger has received the certification, it may already be put on the market, it is not entirely certain whether Xiaomi will include this charger with the upcoming phones, with this type of charging speed it is possible to introduce enough power in a short period of time in the phones to last for several hours.

The note remains that the eight or seven minutes we are talking about are for 4,000 mAh batteries only, so if the battery size is larger these time frames can change (may increase two or three minutes depending on the size of the battery), so it is wise to use Smaller batteries with this kind of charging speed, so a few minutes of charging can give you many hours of use.

This new charging speed may be in Xiaomi’s plans for upcoming phones, it seems that the Xiaomi 13 or Xiaomi 13 Ultra is the closest high-end device, and it has the ability to set a record for charging speed.

The new Xiaomi 210W charger breaks all records at an amazing rate!

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