Redmi Note 10 series will feature 120Hz punch hole display

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Xiaomi brand Redmi introduces the new smartphones from the Redmi Note 10 series on May 26. The company has not revealed how many phones it will unveil on Wednesday, but it has been dripping with information about the new Note 10 devices since last week.

A few days ago, Redmi unveiled the design of one of the Note 10 series smartphones, while confirming a few of its specifications. Now, the Chinese phone maker has announced that the Note 10 series will pack a 120Hz LCD, which will have a hole in the center for the selfie camera.

Specifications of the Redmi Note 10 Series
Specifications of the Redmi Note 10 Series

Specifications of the Redmi Note 10 Series

The panel resolution and maximum brightness have not been officially confirmed, but Redmi says so can become as weak as 1 nit to offer a comfortable reading experience in low light conditions.

The 120Hz screen also has one six-speed adaptive refresh rate, which automatically adjusts depending on the app and content. The frame rate remains between 24-60 FPS when watching videos to save power, and switches to 50-120 FPS when searching and playing games for a smooth experience.

The Redmi Note 10 series has a 120Hz hole display

Other features confirmed by Redmi include “flagship level” VC liquid cooling, NFC 3.0, Bluetooth 5.2and one X-axis linear motor.

VC liquid cooling
X-axis linear motor

VC liquid cooling • X-axis linear motor

Redmi has not explicitly mentioned the name of the smartphone that comes with these specifications, but with the event only two days away, there is not much waiting to know all about the new Note 10 lineup.

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