Apple details the iPad Pro’s XDR Display based on the mini-LED tech

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Apple’s recently released iPad Pro 2021 has a whole new generation of LCD panels with mini-LED backlighting and until now we did not have much information about the current implementation and the under-hood features it provides. The updated user guide on Apple’s official website gives us a good idea about the XDR monitor.

Built on small, individually controlled attenuation zones, the panel supports HDR-ready content without compromising color accuracy in the process. The maximum brightness of the 12.9-inch screen is huge 1000 nits at full screen. And it can go up to 1600 nits if only 40% of the screen needs to be lit and the rest is black or it is up to 600 nits.

Probably the most exciting part is that the M1 chip inside communicates with the screen in a more unorthodox way. There are two controllers that connect to Apple’s silicon – one for the LCD panel and one for the mini-LED backlight. In this way, the M1 chip treats the two as separate panels, allowing for more detailed and accurate control using proprietary algorithms.

The user guide also talks about the newly introduced Thunderbolt and USB4 support and reminds you that the optional accessories have their own power consumption and must be disconnected if not used to conserve battery life.

Here is a direct link to the sources as well as a little more information about the iPad Pro’s Center Stage function.


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