Samsung patents a phone with a dual front camera under the screen

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Samsung is working to innovate new technologies in all areas, especially in the world of phones, where innovations are following recently and patents appear one after another, as reports revealed Samsung’s new patent entirely, so let’s get to know it.

Samsung patent

According to the documents obtained by the network Galaxy Club In the Netherlands, the new patent is an exciting new facial recognition system for the company’s phones.

In essence, the idea is fairly straightforward as it will rely on taking multiple photos of the user from two different angles to better create a 3D model of the face and use it for authentication.

It is worth noting that Samsung used the camera at the bottom of the screen in the Galaxy Fold phones and did not expand in this area so far, and the new Samsung patent may be a prelude to dispensing with the previous generation of cameras at the bottom of the screen and relying on the new technology more broadly.

It is believed that the new technology will have broader implications and that the desire to use a camera under the screen stems from the need to space the two cameras as far as possible to obtain two different angles for the user, so that a camera may need to be placed at the bottom of the phone approximately where the fingerprint is placed and perhaps the camera and fingerprint sensor merge In one optical unit, the other in the usual upper place.

Samsung patents a phone with a dual front camera under the screen

Not many details were revealed about Samsung’s new patent, but it remains interesting at this stage and just talk on paper so far, so will we see it as an actual product, this is what we will know in the near future so be close.

What do you think of the new Samsung patent for the front camera?

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