Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 bares all in teardown video

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Earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 was put through some grueling ‘durability testing’, comprising of scratching, burning, and (trying to) bend it, and while it did survive and kept functioning, there was some weirdness – popping noises came out when it was bent backwards, and then it wouldn’t fully close anymore.

That’s intriguing for sure, which is why the very same Zack from the JerryRigEverything The YouTube channel is at it again, this time disassembling the same unit that went through that test, trying to find the cause of those pops. It’s all on video for your viewing pleasure below.

If you enjoy seeing the innards of things, then you most certainly liked this. The dissection starts from the protective layer on top of the internal display, then continues with the plastic bezel bumpers. The screen sits on a metal plate which makes it marginally easier to remove than if it didn’t.

A suction cup and a razor blade help get into the rear parts, and then it’s time for the internals to get exposed. You can see just how much bigger the main camera sensor is compared to the ultrawide, and how different the hinge is compared to the Flip3’s. Unfortunately, even when looking from the inside, it’s unclear what caused the popping sounds that occurred during the bend test, since everything seems pretty much fine. To top everything off, the phone is reassembled and – surprise, surprise! – does still work.

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