Apple WatchOS 9 update causes annoying problems for Apple Watch users

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A few days ago, Apple released the latest update for the Apple Watch which is the Apple WatchOS 9 update, which came as good news for users, the update was able to reach a lot of older models as well, as it was released to the Apple Watch series 7 and Watch 6 all the way to Watch 4.

Up to this moment, a lot of people have already done the update, and some still haven’t done the update for one or two reasons, just in case your watch hasn’t updated yet, we advise you to wait for now, because the latest WatchOS 9 has a serious issue that you need to know, this will help you in deciding whether to continue updating or wait until Apple fixes the problem.

What is the Apple WatchOS 9 update problem?

There is a serious bug in the WatchOS 9 update that is breaking the Spotify streaming service on the Apple Watch, since the problem was discovered Spotify has sent many emails to its users warning them about the error. Here’s what was said in the email from Spotify:

“Foot Apple watch s9 update Apple watchOS 9 error causing Spotify streaming on Apple Watch to stop working Spotify Apple Watch users are urged not to install watchOS 9 update for now until Apple implements a fix for this issue. Already affected users can download their content to their Apple Watch and listen to it offline or stream from their phone instead.”

Apple watch s9 update

Now, should you update to WatchOS 9?

From the complaints of users who have already upgraded their Apple Watch to the latest operating system, playing music using Spotify app on Apple Watch stops within 1 minute of playing music.

However, the progress bar keeps moving as if the music is still playing, but you don’t hear any music sound coming out, this happens while using both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

So, this article aims to give a warning to those who have not yet updated, in summary we give you advice to ignore the Apple WatchOS 9 update for the time being and wait for the next update. It’s worth noting here that Apple is working on WatchOS 9.1, and there’s already a developer preview in the pipeline, you might get it in a few weeks.

Apple WatchOS 9 update causes annoying problems for Apple Watch users

Do you wear a smart watch? Did you receive any updates?

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