Samsung on 10 year partnership with Wacom, Galaxy Book Pro 360’s S Pen

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Samsung and Wacom have been collaborating for 10 years now, ever since the first S Pen appeared with the hugely screened of the standards at the time Galaxy Note.

Samsung is the largest phone maker in the world, while Wacom is known for its digital pen tablets. Together, they make devices that have almost no rivals in the smartphone world.

The couple’s latest common product is the Galaxy Book Pro 360’s Pen, which differs from its tablet and smartphone counterparts.

Starting with the size, the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Book Pro 360 laptops is thicker than your usual pen, which is said to feel very similar to a real pen and help with long-lasting comfort.

The S Pen is also coated with a special paint that improves grip during writing or drawing.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 comes with either a 13.3-inch or 15.6-inch AMOLED, Intel’s new 11th generation processors, up to 16GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and Mystic Bronze or Mystic Navy paint jobs. The S Pen is preloaded, but does not have its own compartment in the laptop.


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