Ice Universe: the Galaxy S23 series will have basically the same dimensions, unchanged screen stats

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A couple of weeks ago Ice Universe reported that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra design will remain basically the same and that the dimensions will differ by fractions of a millimeter. Now the leakster has published more detailed data, including the screen size, resolution and dimensions for the entire S23 family.

Long story short, the display diagonal and resolution for all three models remain the same, while the height and width will grow by a few tenths of a millimeter. There is no word on weight, but it should be mostly the same as on this year’s S-series.

P22 S23 S22+ S23+ S22 Ultra S23 Ultra
Screen size 6.1″ 6.1″ 6.6” 6.6” 6.8″ 6.8″
Resolution (h) 1,080px 1,080px 1,080px 1,080px 1,440px 1,440px
Resolution (v) 2,340px 2,340px 2,340px 2,340px 3.088px 3.088px
Height 146.0mm 146.3mm 157.4mm 157.8mm 163.3mm 163.4mm
Width 70.6mm 70.9mm 75.8mm 76.2mm 77.9mm 78.1mm
Depth 7.6mm 7.6mm 7.64mm 7.6mm 8.9mm 8.9mm

If you were hoping that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ displays will finally go back to QHD+ resolution (as they were in the S20 generation), Ice’s report makes it unlikely. Will they at least switch to LTPO panels? That much we don’t know yet.

Design aside, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will reportedly have a new 200MP camera, a new, bigger FP reader, the same 5,000mAh battery capacity (though with a retuned 45W charger to fill it up faster), the 10x periscope will be the same. That’s what the rumors claim and they say the same thing about the S23 and 23+ tele cameras.

The current Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra

One major change for the S23 generation is that it will use exclusively Snapdragon chipsets, analysts have been saying it for a while and Qualcomm itself strongly hinted at the change,thank you for all.

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