The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will have an under display camera, but only on the inside

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 must have an under display camera for the internal “front” facing camera. Leakster @ FrontTron has slowly gathered the details of all five cameras on Samsung’s next flagship device.

The first selfie camera is a 16 MP module of the kind in view, which leaves the large inner screen completely flawless. Samsung recently demonstrated such technology at the SID 2021 show and later in this video. It has the trademark as “Subpanel Camera” (UPC).

There is another selfie camera on the phone, this one 10 MP hole on the external display. It is not clear why Samsung would only use one under screen camera.

Then some bad news. Galaxy Z Fold3 will not have a particularly impressive camera setup on the back with an everyday 2x telephoto lens and a selection of not very large 12 MP sensors.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Pictures

According to the latest rumors, the phone will have a 6.2 “external and 7.5” internal screen, both running at 120 Hz. The interior also supports the S Pen, though it may not completely replace the Galaxy Note, which we won’t get this year because it lacks a holster for the pen (and the notes would have brought improved versions of the S21 camera setup).

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