Revamped OnePlus Nord coming to Europe next month as Nord CE 5G

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This morning, OnePlus teased an upcoming ‘summer launch event ‘on social media. Now CEO Pete Lau has revealed exactly what customers can expect from OnePlus in the coming months.

Nord CE 5G is a renewed OnePlus Nord

First, Pete Lau confirmed to TechRadar that next month’s product announcement event focuses on Nerd CE 5G. This is not very surprising considering Amazon India has thanked users for signing up to receive North CE 5G info.

CE in the smartphone’s name stands for ‘Core Edition’, and the phone itself is essentially a renewed version of the original Nord, which contains “certain classic flagship features” to ensure a fast and smooth experience.

In Lau’s own words, OnePlus has “distilled the original Nord down to its core elements and added extra features to create a good everyday phone at an even more affordable price.”

For reference original OnePlus Nord sells for € 399 in Europe, which means the Nord CE 5G may be available for € 349 or even € 299. It will definitely help to place it as one of best budget 5G phones.

An official announcement will take place on Thursday, June 10, which means it won’t be long before we know all about OnePlus’ next affordable phone. Nord CE 5G is released in Europe and India. It’s not coming to the United States.

OnePlus Nord 2 appears to be a separate phone

It is important that the OnePlus Nord CE 5G does not appear to be the same phone as the OnePlus Nord 2. Pete Lau did not confirm this directly, but TechRadar reports that “his wording” suggested it would be another product.

It is also worth noting that OnePlus mentioned by accident Nord 2 on its website recently, so it definitely seems to be up and running.

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