Best new Android apps in April 2022

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Best new Android apps in April 2022

Every month at Android Police, we’ll round up the best Android apps released on the Play Store in the last 30 days. This is our monthly app roundup, and we’ve rounded up a handful of cool, useful, or noteworthy new ones. This month we have some great releases, such as the official app from decentralized social network Mastodon, as well as a new project app from Microsoft to rival Asana and Basecamp. So, if you’re looking for new apps, you’ve come to the right place. Dig!



Android Police Coverage: Mastodon officially arrives on the Play Store

It’s official, the decentralized open source social network Mastodon has finally released an application on Android, aptly named Mastodon. Ideally, a service like Mastodon is a solution to the centralized offerings of Facebook and Twitter, where anyone can host their own Mastodon server, although the federated network isn’t as free as one would hope because it still adheres to a specific set of rules. wide open to personal interpretation, falling into the same trap as any other social network. Still, the fact that you can host your own instance is pretty cool; Just keep in mind that Mastodon isn’t actually a free speech platform, leaning more towards the typical social networks we’re all familiar with.

Microsoft Lists

Even though Microsoft Lists is now on the Play Store, the service is limited to commercial Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include SharePoint, so it looks like the company is currently targeting business users. What’s nice is that there’s enterprise security (which you’d expect from an enterprise-grade app). More or less, it’s a project tracking app, competing with things like Asana, Basecamp, and Airtable. While it seems odd that Microsoft isn’t interested in competing with these services in the public space, it looks like breakthroughs are on the way now that the app is available to 365 commercial users.

console launcher

Many phones come with their own game launcher, like Samsung and Asus, but what if you want to launch your own launcher on an Android device? Well, Console Launcher is a delightful new release that offers a console-like experience. The game icons are large, they can be viewed in landscape mode, and controllers are supported, which means you can easily presuppose an older Android device to use as a handy gaming device with a nifty launcher to quickly access your games. games. Keep in mind that the console launcher is still a work in progress, so bugs may appear.

Glimesh: Live Stream

If you love streaming games, or you’re a streamer, you might want to check out the latest Twitch competitor to land on the Play Store. The app is called Glimesh like the website but now that the app is available you will not be limited to the website anymore. More or less, if you’re interested in fledgling game streaming platforms, Glimesh is a relative newcomer that makes it clear that it’s built by the community, for the community, which certainly sounds promising.

Quick ringtone maker

If you are looking to cut your own ringtones from audio samples or songs, then Quick Ringtone Maker can easily fulfill this role. The app is basically a simple audio cutter, and it comes with a section to explore music to find the songs you want to cut into ringtones. The user interface is intuitive and the application is relatively minimal, which means that almost anyone can get started with this version.

This month we have not one but two new apps from Yogesh Dama. So if the ringtone maker above didn’t float your boat, maybe this gallery slideshow app is faster. This simple application can display a slideshow of chosen images while listening to music. That’s it. So, if you’ve got an old Android phone or tablet lying around and you’re thinking of presupposing as a digital photo frame, Gallery Slideshow could be a perfect solution to showcase your photos with a slideshow backed by groovy tunes.

Real Estate

Crexi is a commercial real estate site that just released an app last month, and as you’d expect, it’s a small offering from the commercial real estate site. You can search, browse and filter hundreds of thousands of commercial ads, and you can do it for free, just like on the site. More or less, if you’re in the commercial real estate market but don’t know where to start your journey, the Crexi Real Estate app is a great place to start now that it’s available on the Play Store.


Since many of us post a lot of content on social media, you have to wonder if it’s worth saving this content in one place. Wonder no more; Capsll is a new app that does just that. It’s a digital time capsule app where you can record content from all kinds of sites to capture concise stories of your day-to-day events. This way everything is contained in one place for easy navigation. Now, whether or not Capsll will be around by the time his time capsules have grown in prominence is another matter, but I guess that’s a thought for another day.

Stir – Single Parent Dating

Despite Match owning the vast majority of popular dating apps, Match is back with another app, this time focused on single parents. Apparently, there was no dating app that could meet the needs of single parents under the umbrella of Match and its 45+ global dating companies. Stir is therefore there to save the day. What’s odd is that Stir locks most of its features behind a $40 per month subscription fee, and even if you go for the 3 month subscription, it’s $90. So you are going to have to shell out some money if you are looking to date single parents on Stir.


Maker and Login Apps


Many manufacturers have been busy over the years releasing their apps on the Play Store to ensure easy updates without the need for carriers. That’s why apps like Recorder are listed on the Play Store, and hence Motorola’s stock recording app is now available. Of course, the app is limited to Motorola devices, and if you have one, chances are the app is already installed, so there’s not much to do on your end other than wait for the next one. update to see if Motorola adds new features.

The realization

Since Covid, remote apps have been all the rage, so AT&T, of all companies, just launched a remote learning app for kids. The app is free, with no hidden in-app purchases or ads, offering content from the Warner catalog, and seeing as Warner owns AT&T, it makes sense that an AT&T app would be used to promote Warner properties to children. While the gesture itself is welcome, you have to wonder if there is an ulterior motive for inundating young children with popular brands in this way.​​​​​​​

Motorcycle Experience Center

This is the latest application from Motorola, and it is specific to Motorola devices. More or less, if you’re using the Ready For feature on your Motorola device, the Moto Experience Hub exists to connect to larger screens like TVs with a user interface suitable for such large spaces. Whether you want to watch a movie or make a video call, the Moto Experience Hub is a one-stop-shop when connected to large displays.​​​​​​​

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