Samsung Display might keep making LCD panels until the end of next year

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Back in March last year, we heard that Samsung Display would discontinue LCD production by the end of 2020. It came and went and nothing happened.

Now, a new report from Korea says that Samsung Display is willing to continue manufacturing LCD monitors until the end of next year. What changed, you wonder? Well, there has apparently been a price increase on LCD panels, which began in June last year and has not yet stopped.

Samsung Display has expanded the production of LCD panels at the request of Samsung Electronics, which still wants to receive LCD monitors. If Samsung Display continues to manufacture LCD monitors for next year, Samsung Electronics will increase its bargaining power with Chinese panel manufacturers such as BOE and CSOT. Chinese companies generally offer lower prices, but may be able to run at even lower prices. Samsung Electronics also sources LCD screens from LG Display, but is said to ‘prefer’ them from Samsung Display.

A final decision on whether to extend the production of LCD monitors will reportedly come at the end of this month.

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