The price of the Xiaomi 12T and its brother, the Xiaomi 12T Pro, is lower than the previous leaks expected!

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The Xiaomi 12T series continues to thrill the public with successive leaks about specifications, prices and features before its official launch on October 4, and the latest leaked details are regarding its global prices.

New information comes from Roland Quandt It offered prices by storage and RAM configurations, and the cost of the regular model differs from the Pro model in the upcoming series.

Xiaomi 12T price (regular model and Pro model)

The source shows a starting price of 580 euros for the Xiaomi 12T in the 8 / 128 GB configuration, while the 8 / 256 GB model will allegedly be offered for 630 euros.

The Xiaomi 12T Pro version will start at 770 euros at 8/256 GB, while the 12/256 GB model will go for 800 euros. It is worth noting that the main phone sensor comes with an accuracy of 108 megapixels for the regular model and 200 megapixels for the Pro model (Shown in the two pictures below) ..

It is interesting to note that these updated prices are slightly lower than the costs that were previously leaked by about 50 euros, a difference between them, it was an old suggestion that the cost of the phone was 650 euros for the Xiaomi 12T version and about 850 euros for the 12T Pro version.

As we said, the new pricing information confirms that both phones will cost less than their predecessors (Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro), which may tempt the public to purchase the device.

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