All you need to know about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 5G family may have just been leaked

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With the hot new Galaxy Tab S7 FE (5G) “mid-ranger” that looks awful like last year’s ultra-high-end Tab S7 + and shares a number of its key specs with the corresponding premium Tab S7 you may have been left with for what Samsung is planning for its undoubtedly fast approaching Galaxy Tab S8 family.

Believe it or not, almost every one of your questions gets answered today, and although of course there is no way to verify the authenticity of this huge Naver leak (first shared on Twitter by Tron), the fresh info reportedly revealed here certainly fits our expectations from a solid Galaxy Tab S7 serial upgrade … with a very interesting twist.

The tablet market is not ready for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra beast

Do you remember then Samsung was rumored to be jumping off Galaxy Tab S6 all the way up to the S20 tab to adjust the naming scheme for its Android slates with Galaxy S20 handset lineup? Although it clearly did not work out, the company is now reportedly working on its first Ultra-branded tablet ever after the unveiling of its first Fan Edition slate.

But while The S21 Ultra is only slightly larger than The S21 Plus, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could absolutely dwarf the 12.4-inch Tab S8 + and 11-inch Tab S8 with a giant 14.6-inch OLED display that supports 120Hz refresh rate technology.

Incredibly, the Android-based giant, which not surprisingly has tips for packing the “fastest next-generation” processor, could somehow weigh less than no doubt the best tablet money can buy right now. We’re talking about Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021), which tips the scales at 682 grams compared to the rumored 650-gram weight of the 14.6-inch Tab S8 Ultra.
Something similar would never be possible without a razor-thin 5.5mm profile (yes, it’s even thinner than the Tab S7 +), but what’s really amazing is that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can still come with a whopping 12,000 mAh battery under the hood, as well as up to 12 shots of memory and 512 GB of internal storage.

The entry-level 8GB RAM / 128GB ROM configuration could fetch the roughly equivalent of over $ 1,300 (!!!) in South Korea, and while a Bluetooth-enabled S-pen is included as standard, you’ll have to pay even more for a mysterious new one ” premium “keyboard and optional 5G speeds.

Galaxy Tab S8 + sounds … familiar

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. Samsung is working on a 12.4-inch Android tablet with a 120Hz OLED screen, 10,090mAh battery, dual 13 + 5MP rear-facing cameras, single 8MP selfie shooter, quad speakers and fingerprint recognition features under display.
All of this seems to apply to both Galaxy Tab S7 + and Tab S8 +, which is also impossible to distinguish from each other when it comes to their weight and thickness.

As in the case of the Tab S8 Ultra, it remains to be seen whether the “fastest next-generation” SoC is the existing Snapdragon 888 or some sort of as yet unreleased successor. It may be one of the very few meaningful internal upgrades brought to the table by the Galaxy Tab S8 +, so it’s better to wait … and the $ 1,000 + starting price (in Korea).
Compared to the S7 + tab, this somewhat repetitive follow-up effort is expected to offer an additional 2 gig of RAM (for a total of 8) along with the same old 128 footage of local digital storage space in its most affordable cheapest version.

The Galaxy Tab S8 will also pack the “fastest next generation” chipset

Like its larger (non-Ultra) brother, the standard-size Tab “S8” seems to retain most of the specs and features of its 11-inch predecessor. It includes LTPS TFT display and 120Hz refresh rate technology as well as a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, 8,000 mAh battery capacity and the same impressive 45 W fast charging support as the Tab S8 + and Tab S8 Ultra.

With 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage and no 4G LTE or 5G connectivity (though offered as options), the Galaxy Tab S8 can cost as much as $ 829,000 won in Samsung’s home country, equivalent to just under $ 750.
Considering that The Galaxy Tab S7 usually starts at $ 650, suggesting that the entire Tab S8 family will be cheaper in the state than in South Korea. Either that, or we’re actually looking at a faster processor than the Snapdragon 888 here designed to provide at least a little stiffer competition for Apple’s in-house M1 powerhouse within the latest 11 and 12.9-inch iPad pros.

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