iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 Apple officially kills the phone after the age of 8 years .. What is the reason?

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The iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 now enters Apple’s list of “old” devices, which includes all phones that will no longer receive any kind of software updates from the company, after it was released nearly 8 years ago.

Now is the time to join iPhone 6 The original to Apple’s list of supposedly obsolete gadgets, following its predecessor, the iPhone 5 – the iPhone 5 that joined the old list in 2018, and most recently the iPhone 6 Plus model at the beginning of 2022.

The “Plus” model was the largest of the iPhone, made available by Apple with the release of the iPhone 6 range – iPhone 6, instead of the flat edges of the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5s we got a new design with a curved edge, which was another feature of the device.

Originally launched in 2014, Apple relaunched its device in 2017 as a mid-range iPhone, like the iPhone SE 5G today, so we expect it to join the list of older devices.

iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 is now listed as old from Apple

Since the iPhone 6 is now an obsolete product, repairs will depend on supplies. Up to 7 years after the last product release, Apple will still accept repairs, but only if necessary components are still available.

iPhone 6 – iPhone 6 will be part of the group of devices that are supposed to be “obsolete” in a couple of years, except for Mac laptops, which can still benefit from a battery repair, all hardware services are stopped for them.

iPhone 6

Besides the iPhone 6, we should note that Apple added the 5th generation iPod touch and 2012 iPod nano 7 from the old products list to the discarded list, while the 2015 iPod nano models are now classified as antiques.

The 2015 fourth-generation iPod shuffle has replaced the list of discontinued products for the 2012 model, Apple also included the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in its antique product list earlier this year, and the iPhone 7 should be next to enter the list at some point. From the following year, however we don’t know the exact date yet.

iPhone 6

What do you think of Apple phones? Do you support Apple’s move to kill old phones?

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