28% of US consumers have used a mobile phone in-store

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28% of US consumers have used a mobile phone in-store

Shoppers know they’re in control these days, and merchants who innovate and upgrade systems to deliver optimal shopping excursions in the age of the pandemic are benefiting tremendously.

That’s especially true among US merchants, according to The 2022 Global Digital Shopping Playbook series, a PYMNTS and Cybersource collaboration, based on a survey of 3,100 businesses and more than 13,000 consumers in six countries. Here are some highlights.

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  • Twenty-eight percent of US consumers used a smartphone the last time they shopped in a store.

While the US lags all but one country (the UK) in mobile-assisted shopping, this is rapidly changing as more people return to sales experiences. physical retailers and are increasingly using their smartphones in-store to compare prices, review products and more.

The study found that 12% of US consumers use smartphones in stores to “search for coupons and discounts for items they are looking to buy in-store, for example, and 9% use them to compare prices with other merchants…and 10% use their smartphone in-store to search for product information or reviews.”

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  • Forty-seven percent who pick up their in-store orders purchase additional products during that visit.

While U.S. shopper habits follow those of the other countries surveyed in terms of mobile ordering and curbside or in-store pickup, U.S. consumers are purchasing more items while making these in-store order pickups, which should encourage retailers to take advantage of this effect with digital and other means.

“Of the approximately 9 million American consumers who placed their last online orders while in-store, 47% say they buy other items often or every time they pick up an online purchase in store,” the study said. “Another 17% say they buy additional items when picking up their orders from the store from time to time.”

This equates to 5.5 million US consumers who sometimes, often or always purchase additional items.

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  • Sixty-five percent of US merchants offer digital profiles across multiple shopping channels.

Digital capabilities are a dividing line between retailers maximizing the digital shift and those lagging behind. The United States has higher indexes than other countries on things like the ability for consumers to create omnichannel digital profiles that reduce friction and time to purchase, as well as pick-up online shopping in-store (BOPIS), free shipping, and mobile product search capabilities.

“US merchants who allow shoppers to use a combination of mobile and physical shopping channels score an average index score of 139,” according to the study. “This score is 84% ​​higher than US merchants who allow customers to shop in-store without digital in-store features.”

Get the study: 2022 Global Digital Buyer’s Guide



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