How to find out the cause of the blue screen problem in a very easy way?

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Tamsin Rodriguez7 May 2022Last Update : 2 months ago
How to find out the cause of the blue screen problem in a very easy way?

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Windows is not immune to crashes, freezes, and blue screens. Oftentimes, it’s not a result of Windows itself, but rather one of the programs or driver you have installed. It can be hard to find the exact cause of the crash or freeze, which is where this explanation comes in.

Before we show you how to view the reliability history for the cause of your computer problems and specifically the “blue screen” issue, it is helpful to know what the tool does and does not do and how it displays the information. There is often some confusion between two seemingly similar Windows tools: Reliability Monitor and Performance Monitor.

The difference between the two tools is crystal clear – Performance Monitor shows you how your hardware is performing, now and over time. Reliability instead focuses on software crashes and freezes like blue screens, which can be related to hardware problems but often aren’t.

By looking at the stability of your system over its lifetime, Windows and specifically Windows 10 can set the System Stability Index for your computer on any given day. A value of 1 indicates a very unstable system, while a value of 10 indicates an essentially perfect system. This number is based on the number of failures detected during a staggered historical period, with recent failures more weighted.

How to find out the cause of the blue screen problem

Generally, you can access the Reliability History to find out the cause of your computer problem. All you have to do is search for “view reliability history” as in the screenshot below.

After that it appears with the screen below. The red X indicates errors in time and date.

blue screen

Just, click on the X and it will immediately show you the cause of the problem as shown in the screenshot below.

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