Xiaomi demos 200W charger, tops up custom Mi 11 Pro in just 8 minutes

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Charging wars are escalating once again, and Xiaomi is shooting at 200W this time. The brand took to Twitter to showcase its latest fast wired and wireless charging development. The test used a custom-built Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000 mAh battery instead of the 5,000 mAh cell on the regular model, which is charged at 200W with wires and 120W without.

The results were more than impressive, as the wired HyperCharge solution got the phone to 100% in just 8 minutes, while the wireless charger only needed 7 minutes more, bringing the total charging time to 15 minutes. Both of these results qualified as new world records.

The 200W HyperCharger only needed 44 seconds to get the battery from 0 to 10%, followed by 50% in three minutes and finally a full 100% charge in just eight minutes. A special time equipment on the side showed the actual wattage that went into the Mi 11 Pro in real time. The power fluctuated between 15W and 198W.

Results from Xiaomi HyperCharge

Results from Xiaomi HyperCharge

On the wireless test, we saw a 10% charge in one minute followed by a 50% charge in seven minutes and finally a 100% charge in 15 minutes. As usual, do not expect to see speeds like this on commercial phones soon, and it is worth noting that battery degradation from charging at these surreal speeds will definitely be a major obstacle to overcome.

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