How to Remotely Access Your Computer on an iPad with LogMeIn Ignition

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LogMeIn Ignition from LogMeIn Solutions for iPad (and iPhone) allows you to remotely control your PC or MAC from your mobile device. You control the remote computer via a virtual keyboard/mouse and the app supports multiple monitors. The app lets you do more than just control your computer as if you were sitting in front of it. LogMeIn Ignition lets you transfer, view, and save files and folders between your iPad and your computer. With the app installed on your mobile device, you can also run programs remotely from your computer. LogMeIn Ignition is also a great workaround if you need to access a flash website with your iPad. You can browse the web on your remote computer and the image will transfer to your iPad. Keep in mind that this workaround is best used for displaying flash content from a website, as flash videos will be choppy and flash audio is non-existent.

Setting up LogMeIn is simple. To use the service, I created a free account, purchased the iPad app, and downloaded the free desktop version (MAC and PC available) for all the computers I wanted to access. There’s no limit to the number of remote computers you can access, allowing you to download the desktop software to all of your school, work, or home computers.

While many of our readers are dedicated Apple users who only buy Apple products, there are people like me who have an Android PC or phone. One of the selling points for me is that LogMeIn has a version for Android. I carry an Android for work and have an iPhone for personal use. With a single multi-platform compatible app, I don’t need to install multiple types of software to remotely access my iMAC at home or Dell workstation at work. LogMeIn is also secure, proven, and was the first remote access service designed for the consumer. It has been around much longer than the iPad as a computer-to-computer remote access program.

Remote printing

LogMeIn Ignition supports AirPrint compatible printers.

iPad limitations apply

LogMeIn Ignition can do many wonderful things, but iPad limitations still apply. You must be connected to the internet via 3G or WIFI for the app to work. Slow internet connection speeds will hamper your work. For example, LogMeIn Ignition will allow you to play many unsupported videos on the iPad, but depending on connection speeds, video may appear on your iPad at very low frames per second. The iPad’s screen resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels is much smaller than the vast majority of desktop computers. You will need to zoom in on some screens to see the text.

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