Samsung Apps: Top 5 Apps Every Android User Should Download

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Tamsin Rodriguez7 May 2022Last Update : 2 months ago
Samsung Apps: Top 5 Apps Every Android User Should Download

Although Samsung is a traditional hardware company, its continued investment in software over the past few years has transformed its applications and services into worthwhile alternatives against set industry standards. While some Samsung apps are exclusive to those with a Galaxy device, others are available to all Android phone and device users in general. In this guide, we are going to look at five of the best Samsung apps that every Android user should download.

Best Samsung Apps for Android Phones

Samsung Browser:

Samsung Internet Browser is one of Samsung’s best, if not the best, apps. Some of the best features of Samsung Internet include:

  1. Toolbar: Take quick action when browsing the web with easy one-handed. Access and customize up to 30 buttons from the menu menu.
  2. Customizable title bar: Increase accessibility by repositioning the title bar to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Privacy Dashboard: See the weekly summary of blocked trackers. Prevent websites from seeing your browser history. Block pop-ups and automatic downloads, and get warnings about malicious sites.
  4. Secret Mode: A more powerful version of Incognito Mode, you can lock Secret Mode with a password or a fingerprint to secure your tabs and keep private downloads like photos, videos, audio and documents from being detected outside of secret mode.
  5. Video Assistant: Built-in video player with easy-to-use gesture-based controls to replace the original video player of a third-party site.

The browser comes preinstalled on all Galaxy devices and is set as the default from the start. However, if you own a device from a different manufacturer, you can easily get the browser from the Google Play Store. [رابط التحميل]

Samsung Smart Switch App

Samsung apps

Transferring data is one of the biggest pains that smartphone users face. Although there are a large number of applications that perform the same function, many of them are either extremely slow or unreliable, or both. Unfortunately, it is very common to see people lose their precious data when moving their files from an old device to a new one.

By far, Samsung Smart Switch is our favorite Android data transfer app. It is fast, reliable, has an easy-to-use user interface and does not harm the quality of your photos or videos during transfer. You can choose to transfer files wirelessly or via a USB cable; The latter is more secure (and faster) because it is free from network fluctuations.

You can use Smart Switch to transfer anything including media, call logs, contacts, messages, calendar data, downloaded apps, user accounts, documents, and more. It can transfer files between Android, iOS, and Windows. [رابط التحميل]

Samsung Health app

Samsung Health is one of the best Samsung apps. It is a fitness app that records your exercise, sleep and calorie intake. It’s the default workout app on the Galaxy Watch and comes with a wide range of features to help you better manage your health and visualize your progress. You can set your own fitness goals, challenge friends, and even participate in global fitness challenges.

If you need some help getting fit, you can also watch curated videos created by fitness experts. The videos cover topics such as weight loss, muscle building, women’s fitness, endurance training, mindfulness, running, and many more.

The app has a beautiful and easy to use user interface that works well for beginners as well as enthusiasts. You can see a weekly summary of your activities, diet, sleep, and more. For every achievement you achieve, you get a badge to remind you of your progress on your fitness journey. [رابط التحميل]

SmartThings App

One of Samsung’s best apps, SmartThings is a one-stop central home app that lets you sync, control, and monitor all your smart home devices simultaneously. You can use it to automate lights, change the temperature, lock and unlock doors, turn off electrical outlets, control appliances, monitor security camera feeds, track energy consumption, and more.

And while setting up your smart home isn’t exactly easy, it’s a little easier now thanks to the latest update to the SmartThings app that brings a fresh new user interface, some new features, and increased support for more smart devices. To get a better idea, take a look at the list of SmartThings compatible smart devices.

Note that you do not necessarily need to have Samsung devices to use the SmartThings app. The service will work great in your home as long as you have products from brands supported by the SmartThings ecosystem. However, you will need a Samsung account to set up your SmartThings system. [رابط التحميل]

Samsung PENUP . app

Some Samsung phones come with an S Pen built into the body which allows users to create better and more detailed artwork. But you don’t necessarily need an S Pen for this; If you own a third-party stylus and want to create some beautiful artwork or practice your drawing skills, Samsung PENUP is a great place to start and is a social networking platform designed for creators where you can create and share your original artwork, participate in events and challenges, and showcase artwork Famous people, follow your favorite designs, and interact with them via comments.

Although there are other drawing tools out there, what makes Samsung PENUP special is its focus on community interactions. If you are a beginner and want to improve your drawing skills, you can do so via Live Draw which shows you an interval of drawing drawn by a creative colleague and allows you to trace it to see the colors and brushes used. You can also use the app as a coloring book and see other designs created with templates. [رابط التحميل]

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Which app did you like the most among the above list of Samsung apps?

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