What is Premium SMS?

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Premium SMS allows a company to monetize its mobile content. This is the wave of business that is flooding the industry right now, and businesses must join in or fall behind. Ringtones are premium SMS. American Idol uses premium SMS. Each advertisement displaying a truncated phone number (usually five or six digits) uses premium SMS. Premium SMS is what your business needs to improve its profit margin.

“SMS” simply stands for Short Message Service. Typically, an SMS is only 160 characters long (which includes all spaces, letters, numbers, and punctuation marks used in the message) and is often referred to as “text.” Over the past few years, people have become obsessed with texting in ways no one expected. BlackBerrys offer full keyboard functionality, allowing users to constantly text and message while at the movies, in meetings, and even out to dinner with family and friends. Texting while driving has become so popular (and potentially dangerous) that laws are being put in place to ban it. Most Americans, at any time, can be reached by text. Businesses and individuals have been using SMS to reach their customers for years; companies like Verizon send their customers bills and account updates via text message, and banks like Bank of America can set up your account to receive account updates via text message for balances, deposits, and money. general activity. Beyond that, one need only look at the runaway success of Barack Obama’s media campaign (including member text message updates, emails, Facebook and Twitter integration) to see how point SMS can be extremely powerful when applied correctly.

Take this model and apply it to premium and monetized content. American Idol is definitely one of the shining examples of premium SMS success stories. For a small fee, users can text their picks to a pre-determined number, and then those results are queried and compiled so the American Idol company can analyze the numbers for a winner. Not only do they make a huge profit from it, but they also advertise their product and generate a huge audience participation response, which leads them to consistently top the ratings and be one of the most successful shows. on TV, probably not because of who they are. showing but how they enable every event to be user-oriented and user-experience oriented. Getting your audience or clientele to text back to you is an incredibly powerful tool.

Think of it like coffee. If your audience or customer base thinks you often have something they need and can’t live without, they’ll pay you for it. Today, Americans expect coffee to be offered to them in a super-convenient format, and with the huge flood of phone-enabled services, they expect almost anything to be achieved, for a price, in a service compatible with the phone. Your business can capitalize on this perception by offering your services and products in a premium, phone-friendly SMS format so it’s ultra-convenient. There are many options for using this format; whether it’s something your customers can instantly access on their phone (like e-books, ringtones, music, etc.) or something they can purchase or access from their phone (like banking templates or eBay), whatever you have, you can offer to your customers in packages optimized for mobile content.

Premium SMS can also be used to help you gather information about consumer responses to different questions (remember that American Idol is, after all, just a voting machine). You can use alerts to generate buzz about a new product, sale or event, you can use chat for customer support, you can even just inform your customers and consumers about the latest news or information. Whatever your business needs to reach more people, premium SMS is a modern and powerful tool to achieve this. Never underestimate Americans’ phone addiction – monetize it with premium texting instead.

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