The Samsung Galaxy S – A Smartphone Packed With Android Features

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When it comes to Android smartphones, there have been a number of handsets that are synonymous with this kind of smartphone. These handsets are the HTC Desire, the Google Nexus S and the LG Optimus One. Samsung has also created a smartphone packed with modern features. This is the Samsung Galaxy S.

This handset comes with one of the earliest Android operating systems, the Lightning OS 2.1. Most new handsets come preinstalled with a more up-to-date version, the 2.2 OS Froyo. You don’t have to worry about it. You can easily update the operating system of this handset to the latest version 2.2. This will let you enjoy faster web browsing, better web fidelity, and smoother multitasking. This will make the S version even better.

If you like installing applications on your phone, this smartphone is for you. It will give you quick access to the Android Market. Here you can choose from a variety of applications. There are literally thousands of choices. You can choose to download mobile tools. You can install entertainment-oriented apps. You can download e-books. You can get widgets that further customize the Samsung Galaxy S. Of course, you can download an assortment of games. There are so many things you can do with these apps.

With all the power this smartphone’s software has to offer, you might think that its battery won’t last as long as expected. If that’s what you think, think again. Not only does its operating system allow for smoother multitasking and faster web browsing, but it’s also very power efficient. It just means that you will enjoy its features for hours and hours.

Of course, an Android handset will never be complete without access to an assortment of Google tools. This is exactly what the phone has to offer. It will give you quick access to Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Calendar, YouTube and GTalk. You will never have to wait for access to your computer or laptop to take advantage of these features. With the Samsung Galaxy S, you get a smartphone packed with Android features.

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