iOS 16.1 beta 3 update brings a very important feature to AirPods Pro

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The third beta of the iOS 16.1 update released earlier this week extends the “Adaptive Transparency” feature that was introduced with the second generation of AirPods Pro 2 to the AirPods Pro version.

What is the Adaptive Transparency feature that iOS 16.1 brings

Apple has added an Adaptive Transparency mode that automatically adjusts the use of noise cancellation technology. For example, if you are close to a construction site with a lot of noise, the feature will activate the noise cancellation to the maximum, then if you move away from the place the effect of the feature will be reduced in a quieter environment.

Apple also added touch controls to the earbuds to adjust the volume, play music, and switch between noise cancellation and Adaptive Transparency.

As mentioned on Reddit, first-generation AirPods Pro who also have AirPods beta software will now see an “Adaptive Transparency” toggle in the AirPods section of the Settings app. Firmware 5A304A beta is required to see the setup.

And Apple launched Adaptive Transparency for the first time with AirPods Pro 2. They are designed to allow AirPods to block out loud sounds like we mentioned above, such as sirens, construction work, or speakers at a concert without blocking out all the noise.

‌AirPods Pro‌ 2 has an upgraded H2 chip that allows Adaptive Transparency to work, so it’s not yet clear how Adaptive Transparency works with the H1 chip in the original AirPods Pro‌.

What do you think of Adaptive Transparency? What is the most prominent feature gained in iOS 16.1?


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