Top Smartphone Manufacturers in Android Software Updates

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Top Smartphone Manufacturers in Android Software Updates

Software updates on Android are usually a mess, and there are many smartphone manufacturers who don’t pay attention to software updates. And while the situation is slowly improving over the past decade, not all smartphone manufacturers offer excellent software support.

So, if you’re looking for a phone to be your daily driver, it’s a must to buy one from a manufacturer with extended software support, and we’ll walk you through companies Manufacturers of smartphones that update their phones for as long as possible.

So what are the smartphone manufacturers that update their phones the longest?

The Google

Google owns Android, and it stands to reason that they are one of the best smartphone manufacturers for software updates. The company releases updates on the first day and provides longer updates from many smartphone makers. Prior to the Pixel 6 series, Google included three years of major updates and three years of security updates.

But with the launch of the Pixel 6 series in 2021, Google’s updated software update policy starting with the Pixel 6 duo includes at least three years of major Android updates and up to five years of security updates.


Samsung is also one of the top smartphone manufacturers when it comes to software updates matters. The company also updates its hardware quickly and provides longer software support. Surprisingly, Samsung has an edge over Google in this area.

Samsung guarantees four major Android OS updates and four years of security updates for specific devices launched in 2019 or later in the Galaxy S, A, Note, Z, and Tab series.

Furthermore, the company promises to release up to five years of security updates for some of its latest phones.

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The extension to four major updates is a step up from the previous three, and it was officially announced during the launch of the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022. Although not all phones receive this support, Samsung’s extended update policy has made the company the new king of software updates.


OnePlus’ OxygenOS is one of the best ROMs on the market. And despite the weird OnePlus-Oppo merger recently, which will see OnePlus merging the OxygenOS codebase with Oppo ColorOS, it’s still a pretty good company to be ahead of the software update, as in 2021 OnePlus changed its update policy to try to live up to the competition.

As part of the new policy, all OnePlus flagship phones (including the T and R models) as of 2018 are eligible to receive three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates.

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While the budget OnePlus Nord and Nord CE models promise only two major platform updates and three years of security updates. While lower-tier Nord N series phones are only eligible for one major Android update and three years of security updates.


Motorola is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the US, but unfortunately it’s not perfect when it comes to software updates, and the reason is:
First, Motorola is lackluster in deploying software updates, and second – which is the worst – Motorola’s update policy is standard across the board. Currently, the longest period Motorola has pledged to support its devices is three years.

The company is promising two major Android OS updates and three years of bi-monthly security updates for its flagship Motorola Edge Plus+ for 2022.

On the other hand, the 2021 Motorola Edge 20 series will see only two major Android updates and two years of bi-monthly security updates. Other Motorola devices receive one major Android update and fortnightly security updates at best.


Xiaomi’s history with software updates has not been good, although it is one of the most famous manufacturers of smartphones. However, in 2021 the company made some changes to its update policy, as the company commits to four years of security updates and three major updates to Android, and update policies differ Depending on the hardware chain.

For example, all Redmi devices will get one or two major Android updates, while Redmi Note and Mi series phones will get two to three major updates, in addition; Starting with the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro, all major devices will get three major platform updates and four years of security updates.

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Oppo (like its rival smartphone manufacturers) has also modified its update policy recently, as the company guarantees three major Android updates for its flagship Find X Series devices, while other devices in the Reno/F/K series are only entitled to two updates. two principals.

Some A series phones may also get two major updates, but all entry-level devices in the series only get one major update.

The three major Android updates are associated with four years of security updates, the two major updates are associated with three years of security updates, and the A series phones also get the same three years of security updates.

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While Oppo may not have the most outstanding software update policy, it was one of the fastest OEMs to roll out Android 12 in 2021.


Nokia is one of the oldest and most popular smartphone manufacturers and recently the brand has been lagging behind in updates, however all Nokia phones running Android One are guaranteed to get two major Android updates and three years of monthly security updates.

All Nokia X series phones will get three major Android updates, while the mid-range G series will get two, while Nokia C series devices can’t be guaranteed to get any major updates, and the C series will only get two years of security updates. The G and X series get an extra year of support.

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Other Android smartphone manufacturers

The rest of the smartphone manufacturers also have their share when it comes to updates, starting with Sony, which doesn’t have the best track record of updates, but has been shipping more than two major Android updates in recent years.

And speaking of realme; Despite being one of the fastest growing brands, Realme only offers two major Android OS updates and three years of security updates. However, this is only a privilege for its high-end and mid-range phones.

On the other hand, the popular Vivo brand is promising three major updates to the platform along with three years of security updates for specific devices.

Other brands of smartphone manufacturers (under the umbrella of BBK Electronics) including Tecno, Infinix and iTel are not clear about their update policy, which should be enough to improve their devices (if you are interested in updates).

Finally, TCL promises two major Android updates and two standard years of security updates, and while some companies may try to downplay the importance of updates, they help keep your smartphone secure.

Only buy phones that support long range software

It’s time to consider software support when deciding to purchase your smartphone, as software support ensures that your phone will last longer with adequate efficiency, and that you will be confident that your data is safe.

Most smartphone manufacturers are unreliable for their software updates, but very few like Google, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia and OnePlus.

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