Meta Quest 3 glasses price and specifications in the latest leak before launch!

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Meta may focus on presenting the Quest Pro headset, but the famous American leaker Bradley Lynch provided new information about the upcoming Meta Quest 3 glasses early next year, and while the Quest 3 will carry some of the features of the Quest Pro, it will lose technologies that will be offered by its competitors such as OLED display and tracking advanced face.

Later this month, Meta will host this year’s Connect conference where it is expected to unveil the Quest Pro, scheduled for October 11, and Meta Connect 2022 will be the first conference since the company renamed the Quest 2.

Yet it is believed Bradley Lynch Meta Quest 2 will be in the market for a while even with Meta Quest 3 coming out sometime next year.

Meta Quest 3 Specifications

Although leaker Lynch hasn’t shared a Quest 3 eyeglass release date, he has leaked several specifications and CAD renderings for the unreleased VR headset (the Glasses), by speaking in a new YouTube video, in which he claims that the Quest 3 that bears the name Avatar Stinson .

The Quest 3 won’t support eye or face tracking, unlike the upcoming PlayStation VR 2, and apparently this technology is too expensive for Meta to include in a mid-priced headset.

Instead, the Quest 3 will have a quad-camera array and a 6-DoF tracking depth sensor, plus it will use two LCD panels, not the OLED alternatives expected in the Quest Pro and PlayStation VR 2.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 eyeglasses – Quest 3 are claimed to be compatible with the Quest Pro’s shipping, as well as the Quest Pro’s advanced controllers, and the source confirms that the Quest 3 will feature premium lenses that may be the same as those from the Quest Pro, and if that’s the case, it might Meta has reversely rotated these lenses by 21 degrees to improve the field of view (FoV).

Incidentally, the Quest 3 should see the return of the interpupillary scroll wheel (IPD), which Oculus failed to do on the Quest 2, and the Quest 3 conversely will retain its previous soft-band, albeit with 3.5mm and USB Type C ports built in. Likewise, the Quest 3 will be launched with only one fan design and two physical buttons, with larger speakers than the Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3

Furthermore, source Lynch confirms that the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 will power the Quest 3, assigned model number SXR2230P, the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 will be more advanced than the SoC that will ship in the Quest Pro.

Meanwhile, Lynch claims that Meta will offer Quest 3 with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, presumably with a lower-level SKU as well, unfortunately it’s not clear when Quest 3 will arrive in 2023 or Whether we have to wait until next year’s Meta Connect conference.

Watch the following video:

Meta Quest 3 sunglasses price

The new glasses will be a smaller version of the Quest Pro model, and they will cost in the affordable category with a price range of $400, which means that the Quest 3 will offer fewer features than the higher-end Quest Pro that is rumored to cost more than $1,000.

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