iPhone charger iPhone – a unanimous decision by the European Union forces Apple to change the charger permanently .. Who benefits?

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Apple will have to change its iPhone charger in the European Union from fall 2024, in compliance with new rules that introduce a single charging port for most electronic devices.

This reform approved by an overwhelming majority in European Parliament Today Tuesday, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, is likely to enhance the EU’s role as the global unit for phone technology, and the vote confirmed the previous agreement between EU institutions.

Thus, it forced Apple to change its iPhone charger in Europe once the European Union agreed to the reform, to have the standard USB-C, used in Android devices, making a common charging port strongly required for new phones from fall 2024. Here are the details in this news.

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The decision to change Apple’s iPhone charger

The new rules will make USB-C connectors used by Android devices the standard across the 27-nation bloc, forcing Apple to change its charging port for iPhones and other devices.

It will also apply to laptops from 2026 giving manufacturers more time to adapt, even though many are already using USB-C.

Iphone charger

Apple is expected to be hardest hit by the major electronics purveyors of European customers, regardless of the opinion of analysts who say the impact could be positive if it encourages shoppers to buy the US company’s new gadgets instead of those without USB-C.

Shares in European semiconductor manufacturers rose on Tuesday after the vote, including shares of Apple suppliers STMicro and Infineon.

Analysts said the deal also includes e-readers, earphones and other technologies, meaning it could also have an impact on Samsung, Huawei and other device makers.

iPhone charger iPhone - A unanimous decision from the European Union forces Apple to permanently change the charger .. Who benefits?

Apple, Samsung and Huawei did not immediately comment on what happened, while Alex Agios Saliba, a member of the European Parliament who led the reform through the Council of the European Union, said that under the reform “mobile phones and other devices sold after the fall of 2024 must be compatible with the single charger, and with This will not block old chargers, so customers can continue to use older models.”

We expect that the large size of the EU market will mean that the new rules may lead to changes in other countries.

Are you with this decision to change the iPhone charger? Do you see it affect Apple? Share your comments..

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