iOS 16 features new tricks and tricks that you will love. Is it better than Android 13?

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Apple started sending its new iOS 16 update a few days after the new iPhone 14 family came out. Those who are coming to the system have no doubt heard about the new changes and the basic features on which the new update is based. After our experience with iOS 16, we discovered a set of hidden features that facilitate the user experience, and the user’s interaction with his iPhone has improved… Let’s learn about 15 hidden features in iOS 16…

iOS 16 Features

Starting with: Duplicate Photos… Following in the footsteps of Android, the Photos app for iOS now has the ability to identify duplicate photos to delete them and gain extra storage space. All these photos are collected in a folder called “Duplicates” that automatically shows that there are duplicate photos in the device.

Second: Updates for AirPods … Dealing with AirPods has become easier with iOS 16, now immediately after the headphones are connected to the iPhone, a pop-up notification appears in the system settings, and one of the new interesting features is the ability to customize spatial sound, with the help of the front TrueDepth camera the device can scan on your ears and deliver a distinctive, smarter listening experience.

Third: Face ID … an update despite its simplicity, but it is highly practical and saves time. iPhone users can now unlock the phone by face even while holding it in a casual way or what is known as Landscape, that is, it is not necessary to hold the phone longitudinally every time you want to open it, this feature It will only be limited to iPhone 13 and later.

Fourth: Protection of hidden and deleted photos … In iOS 16, the user will need to authenticate by face or fingerprint sensor to be able to access hidden and newly deleted photo albums, the latter will now be protected even if someone other than you managed to unlock the iPhone screen lock in one way or another.

Fifth: Wi-Fi passwords … Finally, with the new update, users can preview the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks that have been connected, this will greatly reduce the problems of forgetting the password during the inability to connect that the user faces on a daily basis.

Sixth: The keyboard … Another feature that iPhone users will have after it was present in the Android system, is the actual vibrations while typing on the keyboard. Every time the user presses one of the keyboard letters, the device will respond with actual vibrations confirming its response to the touch.

Seventh: Copy and delete a screenshot … When you take a screenshot of the screen, the system gives you three quick options, either save in the Photos application, save to quick notes, or save to files, in the new file a new option has been added with the name “Copy and Delete”, By clicking on the option, the image will be copied and deleted from the Photos application. This will be useful if you want to use the image once without taking up space in the storage space and thus filling the memory with useless images.

Eighth: Deleting the basic applications … Apple continues to reduce the screws on the user’s options on the settings of his iPhone. Now, after a long wait, the company allows the deletion of some pre-installed applications on the device. The Watch, Health and Find My application can be deleted … and thus can benefit from the additional space that was These apps can run them, with the ability to reinstall them from the App Store.

Ninth: Currency exchange … Thanks to the Live Text feature, which is able to extract texts from images or through the camera, this feature can also be used to convert a specific price into the currency of your own country, this is done by directing the camera to the price, then the Live text icon will appear, long press on Price, then choose Convert or Convert… It is worth noting that the feature also supports translation into several languages ​​and the conversion of units of measurement.

Tenth: Show the battery percentage … iPhone users have been deprived of this feature that has existed in Android devices for years, now it is finally available with iOS 16 and the battery percentage can be shown inside the charging icon in the control panel, the feature can be activated by going to the settings and then the battery section and click on activate “battery percentage” Despite this, it is intended not to be available on all phones.

Eleventh feature: End the call via Siri … The voice assistant will now be able to end a running call only with a voice command from you in the event that you are away from the phone and speak only through the headphones or loudspeaker, to activate the special go to settings, accessibility, then Siri and activate the feature Call Hangup, after activating the feature … during a particular call, just say “Hey Siri, hang up” and the task will be executed successfully.

Twelfth: Avoid accidentally locking the line … In previous versions of IOS, pressing the power button on the side during a call leads to closing the line, resulting in a series of wrong clicks ending the call, this option can now be disabled by going to the settings, accessibility and then click on the Prevent option Lock to End Call.

Thirteenth: Song arrangement options … Apple finally adds arrangement options in its Apple Music application. The user can now arrange playlist songs by song name, artist, album or release date. The options can be accessed by pressing the three buttons on the top side when entering for a playlist.

Fourteenth: Full screen mode when playing songs … A major improvement made by Apple on the design of the home page is a little noticeable, which is to restore the full screen when listening to a specific song and the phone is locked, now when playing a song on Apple Music, Spotify, or a third-party music application, When you tap the album art on the lock screen, the Music app extension will take up all the screen space.

The last feature: a new alert during charging … When the phone temperature rises during charging, you will receive a notification telling you that charging will be paused until the temperature of the iPhone drops, and Apple has done this update to avoid problems that may appear on your device in the long run

These were 15 new features in IOS 16 that were not talked about much, although they are in the interest of the user and improve the system to be more intelligent, it is better from your point of view IOS 16 or Android 13 … Share your opinion below in the comments place … Goodbye

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