Google Pixel to rival Samsung sales in 2021 – do you know how much you need to catch up with the Korean giant?

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Samsung is the face of Android OS all over the world and the United States in particular, and you might think that Google’s Pixel lineup of phones represents the Android platform in the United States, but that is far from the truth.

Judging by the sales figures shared by market analysts, it would take Google about 60 years to sell as many Pixel phones as Samsung sells Galaxy phones in just one year!!

Google Pixel sales need more than half a century to equal Samsung’s numbers!

According to sales reports issued by Market research company IDC Google has sold about 27.6 million Pixel phones since it introduced the range in 2016, and as the source explained, this represents 1/10 of Samsung’s sales in one year (2021), which means that at this rate Google will need to keep selling Google phones Pixel for another 60 years to keep pace with sales of Samsung Galaxy phones over 12 months.

Google Pixel vs Samsung

It’s a little scary that Google’s phone lineup barely represents the Android operating system, but as we’ve said time and time again, the Pixel series will never pose a threat to Samsung’s mobile business as long as Google doesn’t build an expanded global retail network. Google is primarily active in the US and yet the Pixel line is quite struggling compared to the Galaxy family of phones.

The same is true of Google’s Wear OS smartwatches, as Samsung has been exclusive on the latest version of the OS for wearables for about a year and thus has the largest market share for Wear OS 3.

While Google is now trying to launch its first Pixel smartwatch, it is expected that it will have to climb and climb a very steep slope to keep up with Galaxy Watch sales.

Google Pixel vs Samsung

Given the poor performance of the Pixel range compared to the Galaxy brand, it’s no wonder Samsung has some leverage over Google, enough for companies to collaborate on Android 12L development for Samsung’s foldable devices.

What do you think of the superiority of Samsung? Is it worthy? Have you tried Google phones and devices and see that they deserve better? Share your comments..

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