Apple Watch throws a user into the emergency room .. Learn about the strange story!

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Like other sites and platforms, we have covered various reports about the Apple Watch saving the lives of people who were dropped, lost, even trapped, or whatever problems they faced, and now a new report revealed that the popular smartwatch model is also responsible for sending a user to ER Emergency Room!.

The smart watch from the giant company arrives with a number of sensors that help detect arrhythmia, falls and many more advantages, however, it sent Apple Watch Her employer was taken to the hospital after she exploded due to her overheating.

The wearable owner mentioned regarding this incident that he was wearing his Apple Watch like any other day when he noticed the wearable started getting hotter than usual, after which he noticed that the back of the device had cracked and watchOS started displaying a warning About shutdown due to strange and increasing temperature rise.

Apple Watch accident details

This incident did not occur in the sun or in extreme heat, but rather occurred while the user was sitting in his house, then the user contacted Apple Support after that and explained the situation.

Immediately, the customer service executive escalated the issue to their manager who opened a case for investigation, however there has been no solution or advice provided by the brand since then apart from telling them not to touch the device, but unfortunately the incident did not end when That much, the device could overheat when touched the next morning, with the device’s glass also cracking due to overheating.

Apple Watch throws a user into the emergency room .. Learn about the strange story!

When the user decided to take pictures of his Apple Watch, it started making “cracking sounds” and exploded in his hands just as he was about to throw it away, and the smartwatch left burn marks on the user’s sofa while he was also sent to the emergency room due to fears of lead poisoning, but Fortunately the device does not contain enough lead to be dangerous to humans.

Since this incident, Apple has made his case a top priority and even arranged to receive it for more tests, and the company also sent him a document asking him to sign it for not sharing this story, but the user refused and continued in a post about the Apple Watch incident!.

Apple Watch throws a user into the emergency room .. Learn about the strange story!

What do you think about Apple’s behavior? Do you still want to use the Apple Watch after the accident?

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