The 4 most important secret codes to access hidden features in the Xiaomi interface

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Xiaomi phones have been very successful lately. This is also indicated by the fact that Xiaomi topped the third largest mobile phone company in the world, surpassing Huawei itself. Therefore, the manufacturer logically tries to provide users with the latest features to keep the user experience at a high level.

In this article we will look at more detailed codes. It should be noted that for the average user who needs a phone call, SMS and some applications on the phone, these codes will be somewhat useless.

But just in case if you need to discover the features and lite features of your phone xiaomi This list of secret codes will be useful to you.

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Thanks to these codes, you can see the status of your Wi-Fi connection in a few seconds, including detailed information, check the status of your SIM card, diagnose smartphone problems, or view current calendar events.

Very important secret codes for Xiaomi phones


The code below displays detailed information about the status of Google Play Services

* # * # * # * # 426

Below code for instant detection of IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 serial numbers

* # 06 #

Code to know a lot of detailed information about the connection to the Wi-Fi network with the ability to check the response of the connection

* # * # * # * # 4636

A code that allows easy access to the CIT diagnostic menu, where you can easily and in a few moments detect possible problems with your phone

* # * # * # * # 6484

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What do you think is the most useful code you find?

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