Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022 – You’ll Like It

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Android applications are among the most important things that users should try on their phones, and new applications are constantly being introduced and updated, and in this article we dedicate to you talking about the top 5 free Android applications 2022 AD.

These and other applications will help you complete and accomplish your tasks better, faster and smoother, as they provide you with different services that cannot be implemented without these applications, and the truth is said that they are many and close to 20 applications, but we preferred to choose the best 5 Android applications 2022 in our special vision Raqmi TV Team And in another article in the future, we will present to you the rest of the applications that may be more important in your opinion.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022

We do not mean here the well-known and famous applications of social communication such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or other related applications, because they have all become a mainstay in all phones without exception, but the goal of this article is to present the top 5 free Android applications 2022 from applications that are unknown to the public, and are unknown to the public. Non-Professionals, an application package that will inevitably serve you and make it easier for you to use your phone.

The process of selecting these applications that you will learn about was based on various factors, most notably the number of downloads, their evaluations, the desired benefit from them, and the features of each application.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022

1- Screen Stopwatch app

The first application we offer to you among the top 5 free Android applications 2022, and it is well-known owned by Google, as it released it to become one of the most important Android programs in record time, and it is considered one of the important applications that preserves your health and your time, as it is an indicator of your continuous sitting on your phone It calculates the time you spend on the phone each time, to alert you in order to rest the eyes, fingers and the phone itself, and save time to use it for more useful things.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022

2- Computer Launcher app

A simple, free and easy-to-use application, designed to turn your phone into Windows 10, this application turns all the icons and files on your phone into something similar to the icons in Windows 10, not only that, but if you delete some things, you will find them in the trash in If you want to get it back.

Meaning that the application turns the phone into a computer simulation image in the form of Windows 10.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022 - You Will Definitely Like It

3- Shake Light – Bright Torch app

One of the most important “flash” lighting applications ever, which you can simply download for free from the store, and the function of this application differs from the rest as the task of the Shake Light – Bright Torch application is to use it as a lamp when needed directly and quickly, if you download it on your phone, this application will (Once you adjust the vibration sensitivity) Turn on the phone’s lighting, by just shaking it a little, instead of going into the phone and notification bar and looking for the flash to turn it on.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022 - You Will Definitely Like It

4- Who touched my phone app

Indeed this application is one of the most important Top 5 Android Apps 2022, it is a free and easily available application for any user and must be on your phone, specifically in terms of confidentiality and privacy, so what is its function? Why is it important and valuable?

Really cool app, and its job is to tell the user everything about the attempts to get into their phone, it simply shows you who is trying to do so by taking a clear picture of their face (via the front camera) trying to unlock the phone or tampering with it.

Not only that, but it will actually impress you with its ability to identify more. If someone enters your phone (whether with your knowledge or without your knowledge), the program will provide a comprehensive detailed report of all the applications and programs that the “intruder” has accessed with time, date, and image, and without issuing Notifications, hints, or any sound while working.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022 - You Will Definitely Like It

5- Pocket app

The last application in the list of the top 5 free Android applications 2022, and in our own opinion and personal experience, we find that the Pocket application is very impressive and important with the facilities it provides to users. In order to view it later without the Internet, it also allows it to be displayed in a very clear and easy way to read and is very comfortable for the eye, with additional options such as controlling the text color and font size feature, which gives you a unique experience for reading and browsing.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2022 - You Will Definitely Like It

These were our picks for you about the 5 best free Android apps 2022, did you like it? Do you already use any of them?

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