Samsung Galaxy S22 – Galaxy S22 is the most important hidden feature that you need to activate now because of its extreme importance in the series phones

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Should I enable Battery Protection to limit the battery charge to 85% on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S10?

One of the new features in the Galaxy S22 is Protect Battery, which allows you to limit the maximum charge to 85% to reduce charge wear of the battery.

It is actually a new feature in One UI 4 based (Android 12). So, you can find the battery protection option in Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 after updating the phone to Android 12.

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During the lines below we will explain how to use this new feature on Samsung phones, how to enable and disable it, the pros and cons of enabling Protect Battery, and whether you should enable it and the maximum battery charge to 85%.

How does Protect Battery work?

When charging a lithium battery, the charging efficiency decreases significantly, usually after it reaches about 80-90% of its design capacity. You may have already noticed that it takes less than 20 minutes to charge the Galaxy S22 battery from 0-50%. But you need 40 minutes or more to charge it from 50% to 100%.

This is common for almost all lithium batteries. Of course, there are no quantitative and scientific criteria for measuring these differences. But the trend is real and consistent. So, limiting the battery charge to 85% will definitely reduce battery wear. But no one can tell you “how much” the reduction is yet.

When this option is enabled, the Galaxy S22 (or S21, S20, and S10) will stop charging once the battery reaches this level, regardless of the charging method used (USB cable charging or wireless charging).

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Since most lithium batteries will lose about 20% of their designed capacity after about 500 full charge cycles (from 0-100%) under normal conditions, Protect Battery may slow down the battery aging process by avoiding charging the battery from 85% to 100%.

How to access this feature?

Open the “Settings” screen on your phone Samsung Then click on the “Battery and device care” option, then click on the “Battery” option, scroll down a little while and click on “More battery settings.”

Finally, you can activate the “Battery Protection” option to extend the life of your battery, and the maximum charge should be set to 85%.

And you can also, disable this option from the same screen above?

Now, what do you think of this feature?

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