iPhone 15 – iPhone 15 Apple turns to Qualcomm to provide an important feature in the upcoming series

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Apple always does everything in its power to be as different as possible from the rest. As the company uses their own operating system, it designs its own phones and owns its own set of chips which are Bionic Chips. But sometimes you have to turn to other companies, such as the screens they use in the manufacture of their phones that are not of their manufacture. And companies like the Chinese manufacturer BOE or LG Electronics and sometimes even Samsung supply them with screens.

iPhone 15 series will use Snapdragon modem

According to reports, components such as the 5G chips used by Apple are also from Qualcomm. The latest lineup of Apple iPhones, the iPhone 14 series uses a Qualcomm chip to access 5G connectivity. Currently, the iPhone 14 series uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 modem.

iPhone 15

And the reports confirmed, that Apple, which likes to do everything on its own, will sooner or later dispense with these Qualcomm modems. And there were rumors that Apple had already started working on its own 5G chips.

According to Apple’s predictions that the 5G modem will be ready early this year. But there appears to be more work to be done on it than they expected. This means that Qualcomm will remain a supplier of 5G chips to Apple. As it stands now, Apple will continue to use Snapdragon 5G modems for at least another two years.

iPhone 15
iPhone 15

Haitong International Security Analyst Jeff Bowe reports that Qualcomm is already working on a new 5G modem. And the 5G modem will be the Snapdragon X75. Since Apple has not been able to release its own 5G chips, it is expected that in 2024, Apple will be part of the companies that will use the energy-efficient 5G modem with 4nm architecture.

iPhone 15 series will not work with Apple’s 5G modem

In mid-2022, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that all iPhone 15 series models will use Qualcomm 5G chips. However, he confirmed that despite the failure, Apple will continue to work on its 5G chips.

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According to recent reports, it has become almost certain that Apple will continue to use Snapdragon 5G modems for at least another two years. This also shows that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 will still use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G modem.

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