Redmi K60 revealed charging specifications and a feature borrowed from iPhone 14 Pro in the latest leak so far

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The digital chat station revealed the specifications of a new series of phones called Redmi K60 powered by the Snapdragon 8+ processor, and reported that the series phones will have charging specifications, one 67W wired + 30W wireless, and an upgraded version of 120W wired + 30 Wireless watts. Note that the wireless charging configuration has always been absent in the flagship Redmi phones.

Redmi K60

Redmi K60 phones will get 30W wireless charging support

Reports confirmed, that although this time the wireless charging power is only 30W, it can actually meet the needs of many users. And it will be very convenient to use. Where you can put it on the charging pad to work and go out at any time. And it can be fully charged, and the charging speed need not be too high.

Redmi K60

According to reports, the highly anticipated Redmi K60 series will be launched after the Spring Festival. It will be available before April in 2023. The high-end model will be equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor from Qualcomm. It is based on TSMC 4nm technology and has stronger performance than the current Snapdragon 8+.

Also, it was reported, that Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature is available with the release of the iPhone 14 series. It seems that other phone manufacturers may be eager to add a similar feature. And Redmi may be among the first.

Redmi K60

Notably, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro series has a hole for the selfie camera and Face ID technology. There is a dynamic island, which can work with different apps for notifications and other input functions, and it appears that the MIUI developers from Xiaomi are already working on bringing this feature to the upcoming Redmi K60.

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