iPhone 14 – iPhone 14 A new defect in one of the features of the series worries users.. Here are the details

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Apple recently revealed the “Crash Detection” feature that is available in its flagship iPhone 14 series – iPhone 14, in addition to the new Apple Watch devices, to be triggered in a car accident and help the phone user to contact emergency services in the event of their disability. Where Apple has confirmed, the feature will only work if you’re already driving and have had an accident, so dropping or dropping your phone shouldn’t trigger this feature.

Details of the fault detection feature in iPhone 14

Reportedly, going on a roller coaster ride and bringing your phone with you could wrongly cause faults to be detected in some cases. It has happened in many different theme parks across the United States, including Kings Island near Cincinnati, and Six Flags in New Jersey. Users’ phones made calls to emergency services during the ride in this game, with passengers unable to do anything until the ride is over.

The feature to detect faults in iPhone 14 works in the amusement park!

According to reports, the feature is likely triggered by the extreme accelerations and decelerations that occur while riding a “roller coaster” death train, tricking phone sensors into believing an accident has occurred.

An Apple spokesperson said the feature’s algorithms have been validated using “more than a million hours of crash data” and that the feature is “extremely accurate at detecting critical crashes.” He added that Apple will continue to improve fault detection over time.

Fault detection may not be perfect, but it has already been proven to work on purpose, both in testing and in real life. The iPhone detected the effect of this feature after a fatal car accident in a remote area near Lincoln, Nebraska, and alerted emergency services.

Reports have stated, that while it works fine, sometimes the feature doesn’t even turn on. However, the roller coaster is able to trick the algorithm with sudden movements and turns. Fault detection takes into account G-Force measurements, pressure changes, GPS, speed changes and loud noises to determine the occurrence of a car crash. Thus, a roller coaster ride will be able to trick the collision detection algorithm.

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Turn off the iPhone 14 troubleshooting feature when visiting amusement parks

Notably, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening. Where you should not take your phone on a roller coaster, which is prohibited and has been banned by many theme parks including in Kings Island, where some false positive emergency calls have been made). And if you must take your phone with you, switch it to flight mode before you ride so it can’t turn on troubleshooting and make an emergency call.

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