Xiaomi MIUI 13 interface flaws: a common update problem and ways to solve it

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The stable update of the Xiaomi MIUI 13 interface has recently started arriving for many devices with a lot of new features and great improvements to the user experience, and the update will arrive soon for more Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

However, several users who have tried the update have reported battery drain issue after installing it. Although updates can sometimes cause this problem, there may be other reasons behind the problem as well.

In this article, we will review the details of this annoying problem and the most prominent solutions to get rid of it.

Causes of battery drain after updating to the MIUI 13 interface and ways to solve it

1- The system begins to adapt to the update of the MIUI 13 interface by making some changes in the background and it may take some time. The system may be adversely affected even after the installation process is complete.

The solution: Reboot the device about 10-20 minutes after installing the update and then check if the same problem persists.

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Xiaomi MIUI 13 interface flaws: a common update problem and ways to solve it

2- The apps that new updates bring usually cause the system to overheat, so having more apps means more background services and more apps in RAM.

The solution: You have to scan your system for background processes and find out which application is throttling the CPU.

3- User comments about battery drain issue after installing MIUI 13 update may be cause for concern about this update.

The solution: A suitable solution might be to undo the update and go back to your old version for a stable user experience.

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Xiaomi MIUI 13 interface flaws: a common update problem and ways to solve it

4- User data is sometimes inconsistent which causes problems in modifying new updates. Although the updates are designed to avoid this problem, the interface is very complex and each component is difficult to control.

The solution: You can try to clear the data and start over with a new update.

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It should be noted that the health and life of the battery must be checked before deciding to replace it because it is expensive and the problem may not be from it and not from an update MIUI 13. However, when you notice any problems with the battery, you should not neglect it because the battery may deteriorate with time and you may have to replace it.

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