Samsung One UI 5 interface .. the third beta version arrives for one of the Samsung S-class phones with great improvements and features

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Samsung recently released the third beta version of the Samsung One UI 5 interface for Galaxy S21 users. Which brings a variety of features and improvements. Galaxy S21 users can now choose the final One UI 5.0 beta 3 versions.

Galaxy S21 receives Samsung One UI 5 interface update

Samsung has confirmed that this is a very important and big step for you to receive the stable version of One UI 5. The One UI 5 Beta 3 for Galaxy S21 gives you an attractive change to fix issues in the current version and will also give you, a smoother experience later on.

Samsung One UI 5 interface

Samsung One UI 5 interface update

The new version, gives you the ability to add or remove favorite and recent things from the gallery album as shown in the changelog. Allowing you to access the gallery controls. And it makes your use of Gallery app easier and better.

Samsung One UI 5 interface
Samsung One UI 5 interface

Also, this update reduces sleep mode runtime issues. And the incident error is transmitted forward by false beep or vibration sound. Also, the background crash issue that was in the first version has been fixed.

Samsung One UI 5 third beta interface

The update also brings improvements to the vibration response with gestures, and a frame rate breakdown when jumping from the widget to the home screen. However, it lacks the most important feature which is multi-user, which was added with the previous beta versions.

Samsung One UI 5 interface
Samsung One UI 5 interface

Notably, the company has confirmed that it will remove the multi-user feature with the upcoming beta version due to some difficult issues that have not yet been fixed.

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