iPhone 5C iPhone 5C and iPad mini 4 – iPad mini 4 The company officially kills the devices and adds them to the cemetery of antique phones

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It is clear that Apple plans to add other products to the list of “old” devices during the month of November 2022, and according to the report received this evening, the iPhone 5C and iPad mini 4 will be the latest addition to this old list classified as antique phones. .

For some followers who are surprised by the word “antique”, they should know that the giant company located in Cupertino refers to any device it has as “antique” when it is more than five years old since its official announcement, but if a product exceeds seven years of age The company classifies these devices as “obsolete”.

iPhone 5c and iPad mini 4 are officially on the antique phone list

In a similar move a few days ago, Apple recently announced that the iPhone 6 was an old device from the brand (which is outdated and will not receive any updates or improvements), and now it appears that the iPhone 5c, launched in September 2013, will be the latest phone enter This list antique.

iPhone 5C

This news isn’t really surprising if we consider that the iPhone 5c is over nine years old now, as the device was launched as a less expensive version of Apple’s flagship phone in 2013 (which was the iPhone 5s).

While on the other hand, the iPad mini 4 also played a similar role by offering a relatively smaller screen as a 7.9-inch tablet, and also at a lower price compared to the larger iPad models of the time, this model was also marketed towards entertainment consumers rather than creative professionals.

iPad mini 4

When you add a device to the “obsolete” devices list, it means that the company will no longer provide hardware support for these products. Software support for these devices has already ended a while ago, but now the brand will not offer any form of paid repair services either.

What do you think of the system followed by Apple towards old phones? Do you support killing those phones?

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