GTA 6 new leaks reveal a giant map that will ignite competition between players

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Many leaks of the famous GTA 6 game appeared on the Internet, and many leaked videos of GTA 6 were published that revealed to us the main character of the game, theft and new characters, and many other details. This was the biggest leak in Rockstars history.

GTA 6 is coming with a giant map

Reports confirmed, that Grand Theft Auto fans have already linked the images to find out the true details from the complete sixth edition of the GTA series, and now some have taken a step forward and used the stolen data to find out how a great site Rockstar Games can offer to players.

A new report, indicated that a Reddit user has used leaked screenshots and videos to create the map for the upcoming game. A user with the account name ChurchofGTA used some of the coordinates discovered in the leak and combined them with GTA 5’s Los Santos to calculate the size of the map that would be included in GTA 6.

The results showed that the map is likely 50 percent larger than its predecessor. While fans certainly expected it to be bigger than GTA 5. After this leak, players actually tried to create a GTA 6 map on MS Paint, but this comparison was almost accurate. The incredibly predictable terrain is depicted in the graphic below, with a location from the current release in the middle of a potential location from Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 . game
GTA 6 . game

The player’s method seemed to be quite simple, he used the available files for an illegal data leak, along with the exact coordinates of some locations, and placed them on the GTA 5 map – allowing him to quickly see the difference in the size of the map.

Rockstar also confirmed, that the leaked videos were unofficially shared last month but the game studio has not revealed any other details about the game. It seems that the size of the GTA 6 map generated from these leaked videos is much larger than the previous game of the franchise.

GTA 6 game leaks

The 90 clips, which were deleted long ago, showed all kinds of gameplay from the early stages of development. The leaked footage revealed that GTA 6 will have a Vice City-like setting and the game’s protagonists are expected to be a married couple.

GTA 6 . game
GTA 6 . game

The footage also revealed, that a female character steals dinner, while the player is given time before the police arrive to steal the money and take the hostages. When the cops arrive, a female character accompanied by a male character (named Lucia and Jason) hijack one of their cars and direct them to abandon it in order to carry out the mission.

Another video also shows a character moving with a pistol in her hand and a shotgun in her back, implying that “Rockstar” will use the Red Dead Redemption 2 supply chain, which only allows you to carry two firearms at a time. Note that previous GTA games allowed you to carry your entire arsenal in an unknown pocket, but this may change with this new version.

GTA 6 . game
GTA 6 . game

Rockstar comments on GTA 6 leaks

In an interview about the recent leaks, Rockstar said that it was disappointed but that it will continue to develop a game that exceeds expectations. She also assured the fans that all services will be functional and free from interruptions. But there is a threat looming as the person who recently hacked Uber is allegedly behind this leak.

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Notably, the hacker is a teenager, and he is also a member of a hacker group, such as the hacking group Lapsus$. The police in London arrested a 17-year-old in the same case, and he pleaded not guilty. The FBI and the Department of Justice are now implicated in this case.


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