Dismantling iPhone 14 Plus – iPhone 14 Plus, revealing the interior design and important details in a video clip

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Apple recently launched its flagship iPhone 14 series, which includes the regular model iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Plus marked Apple’s return to larger versions of the base iPhone models in 2022. Naturally, some iPhone 14 Plus owners would want to know if it also has the same removable back cover that’s currently on the base model iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Plus disassemble

Reveals a video clip on the channel PBKreviews Via YouTube The iPhone 14 Plus interior design and repairability compared to the regular iPhone 14.

The regular iPhone 14 model has an important feature that gives you the ability to remove the back glass from its frame with ease, in case the user wants to access the internal parts.

iPhone 14 Plus disassembly details

The video shows, that the iPhone 14 Plus has the same feature that enables the user to penetrate the glue on both the front and back panels, as is the case with the regular iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Plus

YouTube channel PBKReviews also revealed that it has an interior that is somewhat similar to that of its younger brother and the 14 Pro Max.

Accordingly, the 14 Plus was eventually awarded the same repair score (7/10) as the base model iPhone 14. Now, we can see if the new model is as durable as the traditional 6.1-inch display variant.

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