Samsung and Google announce support for each other’s smart home ecosystems

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Smart home devices are gaining ground, but there are compatibility issues between brands that cause headaches for users. The Matter protocol (promoted by the Connectivity Standards Alliance) aims to make it easier to control a smart home that has a mix of devices from different manufacturers. A big step forward towards this goal was announced today as Samsung and Google have agreed to build a bridge between SmartThings and Google Home devices.

This bridge is built on Matter’s multi-admin feature, which allows different apps to connect to one or more devices and control them. This means that a device set up in Google Home will also appear in the SmartThings app and vice versa, so you no longer have to remember which app controls the lights and which controls the smart speakers.

This will also free you up to buy the smart device you want instead of looking for one that uses the same app/ecosystem as the rest of your smart home (juggling multiple apps isn’t ideal). As long as a device supports the Matter protocol, you’ll be able to control and automate it with either Samsung’s SmartThings or Google’s Home, whichever app you prefer.

Google and Samsung aren’t the only supporters of Matter – here are list of members. It includes Amazon, Ikea, LG, Midea, Tuya and others. Several smartphone manufacturers are also on the list: Oppo, Huawei and (strangely enough) Apple.

“Both SmartThings and Google are committed to user choice and empowering consumers to control their own devices. This collaboration advances that commitment by improving the user experience and promoting transparency between ecosystems.” said Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President and Head of SmartThings.

Support for Matter’s multi-admin feature will be rolled out by Samsung and Google in the coming weeks.


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