Samsung One UI 5 interface .. The update arrives on two new phones with improvements and new features

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Samsung introduced the beta update of the Samsung One UI 5 interface for users of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phones. Where users will enjoy new features, gestures and improvements.

Samsung One UI 5 interface arrives on Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

Samsung One UI 5 interface

One UI 5 provides you with more powerful customization and makes getting things done on your Galaxy phones easier with the following features:

More choices for your color palette

Now it’s easy to find the right colors for you. You can choose up to 16 color themes based on your background in addition to the preset color themes.

Widgets stacked on your home screen

You can combine multiple widgets of the same size into one widget to save space on your home screen. Simply drag a widget into the stack to add it, then swipe up to switch between tools.

You can easily see who is calling

Set a different contact background for each contact so you can easily know who’s calling with just a quick glance.

Get notifications only you allow

When you use an app for the first time, you will be asked if you want to receive notifications from it. And feel free to say no to apps that don’t want to bother you.

Samsung One UI 5 interface

Easier access to app notification controls

Now you can block any app that sends you a large number of notifications with ease, with the reorganized notification settings that put the app’s notification controls on top.

Choose the types of notifications apps can send

You can now separately control whether apps can display push notifications, app icon badges, and notifications on the lock screen. And allow all types or some or none.

Stay up to date on reminders due today

The new “Today” category displays only the reminders that are due today. You’ll also be reminded of reminders that are due today at the top of the main screen in the Reminder app.

One UI 5 interface changelog

Show and hide completed reminders

You can show or hide completed reminders in any category. You can view to see what you’ve already done, or hide to stay focused with the things you still need to finish.

Choose the correct display for your reminders

Choose the simple view to show more reminders on the screen at once or the expanded view with details like due date and recurring terms.

Select a language for each app

Do you want to use some apps in one language and other apps in another language? You can now choose which language to use for each app in the settings.

Edit your lock screen wallpaper collection

After you select a set of photos to use in the lock screen wallpaper, you can easily add or remove the photos later.

Customize the space row in Samsung keyboard

You can choose which function keys and punctuation you want to show in the bottom row of the keyboard next to the space bar.

Samsung One UI 5 interface

Optimize sound and vibration settings

The menus have been reorganized to make it easier to find the sound and vibration options you need. Set the ringtone and change the volume and vibration intensity, all in the same place.
Be more productive

Extract text from any image or screen

Extract text using Samsung keyboard, internet, gallery or when you take a screenshot. Paste the result into a letter, email, or document instead of typing it out.

Get suggestions based on text in pictures

When text appears in a photo in Gallery, Camera, or other apps, actions based on the text are recommended. For example, if you take a picture of a sign with a phone number or web address in it, you can click to call the number or visit the site.

Get more done with your connected devices

A list of connected devices has been added to Settings, making it faster and easier to access features that work with other devices, like Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX.

Switch your view with a gesture

Switch from full screen to split screen view by swiping in with two fingers from the left, right, or bottom side of the screen. Switch from full screen view to popup view by swiping inward with one finger from any corner at the top of the screen. Gestures can be turned on or off in the settings.

The most prominent features of the Samsung One UI 5 interface

Easily open apps on split screen

Simply drag an app from the Recents screen to the side of the screen where you want to open it.

Use multiple timers at once

You can now start a new timer in the Clock app even if another timer is still running.

Control who invites to a calendar event

When you add an event to your Google Calendar, you can choose whether invitees are allowed to see other people who have been invited to the event and also choose whether they can invite other people.

Choose modes based on your activity

Choose a mode based on what you’re doing, like working out, studying, or working, then choose what you want your phone to do in each situation. For example, turn on Do Not Disturb while you study or play music while you exercise.

Easily discover predefined actions

Simplified planning makes it easy to find useful actions for you in Bixby Routines.

Samsung One UI 5 interface improvements

Samsung One UI 5 interface

Quickly check operating procedures

The running routines are now displayed at the top of the Bixby Routines screen so you can understand what’s going on and make changes if necessary.

Get new emoji

In Samsung keyboard, there are more than 80 additional emojis to create a pair of emojis. You can now combine emojis based on animals, food, and other things as well as facial expressions. Choose the perfect combination to express your feelings.

New AR Emoji Stickers

New stickers are available for download so you can always find the right sticker to express your feelings.

More virtual stickers for AR Emoji

When you create a new AR Emoji, 15 stickers are created by default giving you more ways to express yourself.

Transparent backgrounds for AR emoji stickers

Create stickers with transparent backgrounds so that they fit better with your photos and posts on social media.

Create videos with two emojis together

Use two different emojis to create fun videos that you can share with friends, set as call background, or display on your lock screen. Various dances and states are available as templates.

Use any emoji picture as wallpaper

In Scene and Mask modes, you can choose any image from gallery to use as background for your emoji.

Add stickers to your Google Calendar

When you add an event to your Google Calendar, you can now add stickers that make it easy to identify the event at a glance. After you add a label to an event, the label will be visible in both calendar and agenda views.

Samsung One UI 5 interface

Create stickers from any photo

Create reusable stickers from any photo in your gallery. Use the lasso tool to select the content of your poster, then add decorations or outlines.

Check your phone’s security status at a glance

The new Security Dashboard in Settings shows if your phone has any security issues and helps you fix them quickly.

Get help in an emergency

Quickly press the side switch 5 times to call emergency services even if your phone is in your pocket or you are not able to speak.

Integrated emergency contact list

Create an emergency contact list of people you want to contact in case of an emergency. The same contact list can be used for emergency features on both your watch and phone.

Get a warning before sharing personal information

The sharing panel will notify you when you try to share photos that contain sensitive information, such as credit cards, ID cards, or passports, so you can reconsider whether you really want to share them.

Website security and privacy information

An icon will appear in the address bar on Samsung Internet to show the site’s security status. Click the icon to see what information the website collects and tracks.

More accessibility options in the quick panel

High contrast font, color inversion, color adjustment, and color filters can be added to the quick palette for easy access.

New layout for notifications

The app icons are larger, making it easier to see which app sent the notification. Text alignment has also been improved to make notifications easier to read.

Check calls before answering

Let calls be answered automatically to ask the reason for the call. If you can’t or don’t want to speak, you can tap or type a response that will be read aloud to the caller.

Drag and drop bookmarks between folders

Keep your Samsung Internet bookmarks organized by dragging and dropping them between folders.

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Check battery health

Battery status information has been added in Device Care to help you check battery status. If the health of your battery is deteriorating, we will let you know so you can consider a replacement.

Show app names in Apps edge panel

Turn on Show app names to show app names below app icons.

Worth noting, some downloaded themes may not be compatible with Android 13. In case your theme is not compatible, the default theme of your phone will be used after upgrade.

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