Apple incurs a large fine because of the iPhone charger.. Here are the details

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Last month, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice issued a court ruling forcing Apple to pay a $2.34 million fine, after Apple sold iPhones without chargers, and also ordered the company to stop selling any iPhone that didn’t come with a charger in the box. Today, Apple again faces a large fine due to its iPhone charger.

Imposing a fine on Apple

On Thursday, a report via the Reuters platform reported that the Sao Paulo Civil Court in Brazil imposed a $19 million fine on Apple, ordering that new iPhones sold in the country must be equipped with battery chargers.

Judge Caramuru Afonso Francisco also ordered in his ruling that Apple must provide chargers to all consumers in Brazil who have purchased iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 devices in the past two years. However, it is not a final decision and can be appealed again.

Apple fined $19 million over iPhone charger

Reports confirmed, that Apple was previously fined about $2.5 million by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice for the same problem, and was banned from selling iPhone 12 and 13 without charging devices. The tech giant responded, “Not including a power adapter with the iPhone‌ has environmental benefits and reduces waste.”


Notably, Apple stopped supplying chargers to its phones with the launch of the iPhone 12 series of 2020. Other manufacturers like Samsung and Google also followed suit and stopped including power adapters with their premium devices.

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Reports also indicated that European Union lawmakers recently approved a new directive that requires manufacturers to offer USB-C as a common charging port across a wide range of devices by 2024. This will force Apple to switch to USB-C chargers for upcoming iPhones .

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